220 Volt Prayer Power

Here we are again today, surrounded by fear and anxiety, not knowing what's next. We as believers have a place of comfort in times of trouble. We have the creator of the universe setting on His Throne, pouring out His love and care over us. What should we do? Walk into the Throne Room and receive His grace, mercy, strength and love for today. It is a choice we make each day, stand in our fear or surrender it to God.

Just as God says about His word, "it shall not return to me void," our own words have great impact on our circumstances. What God is saying is that our words have impact, they return to us with the power, authority and impact of a judge. They carry weight, either for us or against us. As we speak out His words in times of trouble they never fail to produce the desired results. Just like the rain that falls in a barren desert, it may not look like it changes much but each drop does what God intends for it to do. So, be encouraged, God is raining on your circumstances this very moment. Don't pop open the umbrella but get soaked in the rain of His Glory. Soak in what He wants to pour into you at this moment, it may be the only time He has for us to reach into new areas of His heart.

Here is a great verse for you; Psalm 94:19, "When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul." What a great way to live in today's world. Satan would love to strike fear in us daily. Remember, Satan can still our happiness for a time but he cannot steal our JOY. Our Joy comes from the Lord and to lose it we must choose to give it away.

So what's the answer, let our JOY in Christ guide us each day, no matter what we face. I pray that your faith in Christ will be strengthened in this time of crisis. I pray that each day the Joy of the Lord will overflow in you as you trust God to

be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in your walk with Him. He is far greater than your surroundings. Never in history has He forsaken one of His own.

Have a blessed day.

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