Have the trappings of life closed in on you? Is it a struggle each day to take another step in a heavenly direction? Has the enemy told you that you are not going to make it, that you are not worth it? Do you find yourself in bondage to the distractions of the world? I would love to introduce you today to the CHAIN BREAKER! The one who can unshackle what has bound you, for a day, for a week, for a year, or for your lifetime. No matter how long the chains have been tightening around you, they can not hold up against the chain breaker. No habit can hold out against the chain breaker. No emotional distress can hold out against the chain breaker.

Today let God be your chain breaker. We are not meant to be bound in chains, we are created to be free, unfettered from earthly snares. Has the enemy chained fear to your daily walk? Has that chain become so heavy that you are drained at the end of the day? Have a visit with the chain breaker. Let Him do what no other can do, snap every link in the chain that binds you. We can add a link to that chain every day or we can let the chain breaker release us from the feeling of that cold, hard steel we are wrapped in. I challenge you now to meet with the chain breaker today. Do not wait until it becomes so heavy that you can no longer make your way to the residence of the chain breaker. I pray that you make a choice for freedom in your daily walk. Amen.

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