Class is Out, Tests are Over

So, Satan is destroyed, the millennial age is closing, and God is about to oversee graduation ceremonies. This is a graduation ceremony that has dire consequences for many and rejoicing rewards for others. Scripture also says that heaven and earth will pass away as this judgement takes place. This becomes the final moment of history on earth, the “Great White Throne Judgement.” The Bible paints a vivid picture of this moment, God seated on a Great White Throne. Imagine the look and somberness of a Judge, holding the balance of eternity in His hands. We will be standing before Him in awe and wonder as this great spectacle is about to unfold. The dead, both great and small will be there. This includes those who have been “parked” in hell, awaiting this moment as well as those who lived and died during the millennium. Also, those that have died since the beginning of history. The “church,” those previously caught up in the rapture will not be judged here since salvation has already occurred according to John 5:24.

The Word talks about books, and the Book of Life at this point. They appear to be records of every deed mankind has committed since time began. At this judgement time what you have done in the name of “works” will count for nothing concerning your, final destination. It may have to do with your rewards but will be a non-valid point for your salvation. All of our good deeds combined could not pay for our sin. The point is, our name is written in the Book of Life or it is not, no negotiating with God. Scripture says that the wages of sin is death. As God finally removes sin from His presence, death and hell are delivered up and cast into the lake of fire. Hell is no longer needed as a holding cell for the dammed. Death has no place among the redeemed. We need to heed 2 Peter 1:10, “…be even more diligent to make your calling and election sure.”

As we look ahead, we should be rejoicing in Christ every moment of our lives. We live in a fallen world, but we serve a risen Christ. In the midst of the turmoil of our times, we have a pillar, an anchor to hold onto. It keeps us during every trial, it keeps us during every struggle and tug of war the enemy brings to our spirit. It is what keeps us from being pulled into the waters of compromise in our daily walk with Christ. When an anchor is pulled against the ground that it is laid on, it digs in, it takes a greater and stronger bite into the ground. That is what happens with Christ as we hold onto that spiritual rope that anchors us to Him. We grow more steadfast in Him as every trial digs our anchor in deeper. We become unshakable in our faith. It is that rope and that unshakable faith that we will need in coming days. Our grip on the rope can be increased by falling on our knees in worship and adoration for who is at the other end of the rope, a just, fair, and faithful, all knowing God.

God does not need to wait for judgement time to know our heart, He knows us today. Yet in His mercy He continues to nurture us and to form us in His image until the last possible moment in time. How much more should we in these troublesome times reflect the image of God where He has placed us to be a “lighthouse.” As the world grows darker, it is in need of increasing light, that is us, the redeemed. Studies show that the flicker of a candle can be seen with the naked eye from about 30 miles away. No wonder God says we are a lighthouse to a darkened world. Is your neighborhood dark, light it up! Is your workplace dark, light it up! Is your family dark, light it up!

How interesting that in all of the Bible, there are only four chapters that have no mention of sin in them. They are the first two chapters of Genesis and the last two chapters of Revelation. God started with a perfect relationship with us and He will finish the same way. Everything in between those chapters is the pathway to our redemption. What an amazing God we serve, one that is alive and not dead. May this increase our determination to have ourselves ready for His return.

Have a great day.

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