Creative Faith Abounds

Do you ever just sit and ponder the wonder of Life? Just think about the amazing creation God brought forth in you. Do you know that we take in about 20,000 breaths each day and we don’t even give it a thought. We have over 650 muscles in our body, each playing a role in our daily process of life. Humans are unique in God’s creation. Our muscles alone are amazing components of our daily life. 100 muscles are needed just to smile. 22 are needed to turn your head and greet your neighbor. If you are a bike rider it takes 34 muscles to squeeze the brake handle. Laughing may come instantaneously but it takes 30 muscles to make it happen. We have a Hyoid Bone that is only found in humans, it is the foundation of our being able to speak. We have taste buds that bring us great joy in our culinary outings. They die off and replace every 10 to 14 days. I say all of that to declare to you that we have a God that is more than able to “keep” us.

Our faith about who we are in Christ is what allows Him to “keep” us. The confession of our faith is at times, lacking, or tends to sag into a diminishing form of it when things are not quit right. We have fast everything today, from food to travel to conversations. We look for a quick fix at the coffee shop and a pick me up at the yogurt shop. Could we not also be in need of some of those quick fixes and pick me ups for our faith? Let’s look at some of the ways God has prepared them for us in the midst of our faith struggles.

He has given us a spirit of joy, not one that is burdened and heavy. He said that He has given us beauty for ashes. He said that we are like a mighty oak and shall grow in His righteousness. We shall walk and not stand still in terror but walk and make spiritual progress. Get the picture, God is in control, He made us unique and He will keep us. Our spirit, soul and body are His temple. The trinity lives within us, they constantly commune with us, bringing assurance, revelation, prophecy, hope and love. We are positioned in Him above the world, the flesh, and the enemy. Our citizenship is in heaven, we live by faith, not by senses.

Our faith should not waiver as we remember His word. We have kingdom health. God said, “I will bless your food and drink and take sickness away from the midst of you.” By faith we remain strong. He is our provision, He owns everything and makes the same available to us, His children. He says we are justified and made righteous by faith.

In faith we can look for “new” things in Christ. Newness of life can encompass our body, soul, mind and spirit. When times are troubling we can exchange our weakness for His strength. Our focus goes from our failures and fears to Him as He lightens up the dark places. We need to realize that we have divine life, flowing like a river within us. It’s a life with unlimited power, it is resurrection life, overcoming life. It is God’s eternal, uncreated life force. We can draw all that we need from it. He gives us vision and revelation of who He wants us to be, of what He wants us to accomplish. We are not limited as we step out in faith. He has a plan for each of us to walk in faith. Psalms 121 says, “He will bless my going out and coming in, from this time forth and forever.” Think about the prayer of Jabez that I posted about a few days ago. Apply it to your life. You might try reading the prayer of Jabez out loud to yourself. It will be powerful, giving you life and energy. It allows the written word to become the spoken word, strengthening your spirit.

Again, look at the miracle of creation that you are in Christ. You are unique, His relationship with you is unique, He will keep you and empower your faith. It is His nature and He is a unchanging God.

Have a blessed day.

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