Our Warrior Angels

How great it is to be a child of the King. We get all kinds of benefits, like having a great and mighty warrior Angel standing watch over you. I woke up this morning with the protection of God on my mind and felt impressed to share a spiritual event that took place in the mid nineties. At that time I had been in full time ministry for 3 or 4 years. God was blessing, many people were being healed, set free and miracles were happening. I am sure that the enemy was not happy with the lives that were being changed. I want to share this to let you know that God has your back in this time of turmoil. When things are tough Satan tends to turn up the heat, so to speak. Loves to increase activity when we are overloaded. Just know as I share with you that God is always at work in the background, even if we don't have a clue about what is going on.

This amazing experience took place in the middle of the night, starting at about 4:00am. You know how sometimes you awaken from a deep sleep, I mean with a start or jolt! That's what happened, I suddenly was totally alert and wide awake, sitting up in bed. I was amazed since I was shaking the bed and making a fair amount of noise that Gloria was sound asleep. She in the light sleeper of the family and should have been awake, but wasn't. The room was full of great oppression, darkness, anxiety and a deep sense of foreboding. I prayed and asked God, "What is this? What is up?" I got up and looked out of the window but all seemed calm outside, saw nothing out of order so got in bed and went back to sleep.

Bang, the same thing happens again about 30 minutes later, only more severe and intense. Gloria is still sound asleep as my activity amped up. This time I am praying in earnest and intently searching for something lurking outside in the darkness. Nothing! As I continue to pray the Lord speaks to me and says, "Go upstairs and sit on the couch and worship Me." Without question I headed upstairs. As I left the bedroom I glanced at the clock, it was 4:30am. At this point the last thing I remember is sitting down on the couch with my arms in the air praising God. The next thing I remember was getting up off of the couch, lowering my arms and heading back downstairs to the bedroom. Walked in the room, Gloria was still asleep and the clock was at 5:00am. One half hour gone and not a piece of remembrance of where it had gone.

I shared the experience with Gloria that morning after we got up. She had not heard or felt anything all night. As the morning went on I kept asking God, what had went on? In particular, what was the 30 unremembered minutes about.? No answer, no clues. Mid morning my phone rings and it was a man that we knew on a casual basis. His first words were amazing, he said, "God woke me up at 4:00am this morning to pray for you. After some silence I said "Are you kidding?' What about." He said that God had awakened him with a vision of what was going on at that moment of my experience beginnings with a jolt out of bed. He said that the enemy was growing very hostile towards what was taking place in our ministry. He said that Satan had actually sent a spiritual assassin at that time to destroy and kill our ministry and us. He explained that in the vision he could see what seemed like a street scene outside. All was dark except for a lamppost on a corner. From the darkness he saw a dark and cloaked figure appear and begin to walk towards the light. He began praying at Gods leading as the figure approached the light. The figure eventually stopped and retreated back into the darkness after some time. God told him the figure had been watching for some time, seeking the weakest of moments at attack. There was some conversation of other things he saw and the call ended.

All of this and I am still wondering about the lost 30 minutes. Later that day I was driving into town for a meeting and still asking God, what about the 30 minutes? God spoke to me and said, "The enemy came to take you out and I just wanted you to come upstairs and sit beside me while My Angels went to battle with the enemy." Wow, wow, wow! God truly does have our back even when we have no clue. He has your back right now in this time of struggle. He will not let you down. You may never know what He is doing for you until a later moment, but you can be assured His crew is at work on your behalf.

Here is some of the amazing aftermath of the morning. We would have the Core Group of our ministry meet almost weekly at our house. In the next 2 or 3 months, anyone that sat on that couch where I sat saw miracles, healings and blessings take place. Don't ever underestimate the power of God in your life. Rejoice for this is your position in Christ as a believer.

Have a great day.

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