Master Restorer

Well, here we are with most of us still spending the majority of our time at home. Remember when we all wished for more time. It was something that we always seemed to run short of. Strangely enough we now are looking for something to do with our extra time. Who would have thought time on our hands would be an issue. Many of us have found many "projects" that have set in the garage for years, waiting for "time". In the current moment we have found time for many things but have we taken advantage of this "time" for God. This is a golden opportunity to spend time in His presence, to saturate ourselves in His Grace, Mercy and Love. Can you imagine just being able to bask in His Joy, allowing Him to speak to you as a loving Father with no interuptions. No need to rush out from His arms that surround you in love. Enough time to whisper your cares to Him. Enough time to let Him give you the long version of His answer, an explanation poured out with mercy and a Fathers heart.

Several years ago our ministry published a monthly newsletter. Each month one of our Core Group Leaders would include an article in the Newsletter. What follows here is such a great picture of our God at work in the restoration process. What you are about to be inspired by is the result of Linda (Core Group Member) waiting on God in a time of tough circumstances. She took "time" to let God speak to her. Below is the "Story" that the Holy Spirit gave her. Let it challenge you to spend some of your time with Him today.


By: Linda Hooper

PrayerNet Core Group

Day after day the furniture maker worked crafting the most beautiful tables to be found anywhere. Diligently he chose each piece of wood to be formed into his wonderful creations. A young couple had seen his work and so desired one of his beautiful tables. They saved many years just to one day be able to purchase one. Finally the day arrived and their table was delivered to their home. Oh! It was even more lovely and brilliant than they had remembered. They placed it in the area in their home that they had prepared for it. They took great care with what was placed on the table, never setting anything on it, or using it in any way that would bring harm or damage to it.

All to soon others were in the home that did not see the beauty and wonder of the table. They began to use it carelessly for their own purposes, doing great damage to the table.

One evening the couple threw a large party, everyone in the village was invited. The old furniture maker was also invited. As he walked to the house he remembered that years ago he had placed one of his lovely creations here and was excited to be able to see it again. He walked through the house but could not find it. Suddenly he saw it in the corner and thought to himself, was this really his creation? The grief rose up inside of him as he viewed the table. Yes, it was his table, but it was broken, burned, scratched and dulled beyond recognition to everyone except the one who had created it.

He went to the owner of the house and said, "I would like to buy this table." They laughed until they thought they would cry. "This old thing? At one time it was beautiful, but look at it now; it can hardly even stand up." Again they laughed as they gave it a shove. But the furniture maker was not laughing. As a matter of fact he had tears in his eyes. "Please" he begged, "I will pay you any price." They told him a price they figured he would never pay. Quietly the furniture maker pulled the money from his jacket pocket and laid it in their hands. With great joy in his heart the furniture maker took the table back to his shop. There he had a special room for tables such as this.

Soon the restoration process began. The first thing that needed to be done was that the layers and layers of old paint had to be removed. Some who had seen the scratches and burns had tried to cover them over, only to do more damage to the table. Next was the process of sanding; gently in some places, more firmly in others but always with love as only he could. Finally the day came when he put the finishing touches on the table. Oh! What joy!

His beloved table was restored, but something was different. There was a brighter glow and a sturdier stance than he had remembered. It truly was more beautiful than his original creation. What rejoicing there was. True restoration comes from the hand of the original Master Craftsman. The one well known as the furniture maker was now best known as the Master Restorer.

2 Corinthians 5:17- "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" NIV©

Wow, what a story. Imagine the tender, caring and loving hands of God reshaping and refinishing us into not only His image but into a perfected vision of Christ in and through us. Most things that are refinished or restored are better than new. They have been touched and handled with such care that every imperfection is worked out. Thank you God for being a Master Restorer.

Use your time wisely and have a blessed day.

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