Fists Full of Miracles

Today I would like to share a shortened version of a couple of sermons from several years ago. They intertwine and I believe speak directly to where many people are today in view of the virus chaos around the world. I also believe that in this post today God is speaking directly to many that have been in distress, needing answers now. I pray that if you are one of those people you will allow God to speak to you and comfort you in your circumstances. Let God touch your life and meet your needs today. You could also give this post another title and call it, "It's a Set Up." You can use Exodus 14:1-28 as a backdrop for this post.

If you are desperate for God to move in your life, this is your day. In Vs.13 We see that we are to fear not. It says that the "Egyptians" (your chaos, problems & circumstances) "whom you have seen today, ye shall see them again no more forever." God is saying that today is your day of victory. He is saying that He will deal a death blow to an enemy that has been plaguing your life, nipping at your heels, breathing down your back making things unbearable. Today He wants to put something that has been over your head, under your feet! Let's do what I talked about yesterday, go out in victory, enjoying the life Jesus came to give us. The children of Israel were dogged in hot pursuit by the Egyptians. Some of you are there at this point, feeling like there is nowhere to turn. With God things are not always as they appear. If you will let God work He will make a "Set Up" out of your circumstances to set you free. He will give you a new glory, a new anointing and a new level of power and authority in your life. Don't give up at the approach of your miracle. God didn't send Israel into the Red Sea to drown. He sent them there for a wave of victory.

The enemy is trying to set you up but God is ready to set you free. Sometimes God will allow the enemy to see our struggles and our pain. What the enemy sees as our weakness is sometimes what God turns into His strength through us. Kind of like He took the wheels off of the chariots of the Egyptians pursuing the children of Israel. You need to prophetically speak to yourself today and declare that this is your Red Sea moment, a time for the enemy to be washed away behind you. It's a set up, let God work it out. After 400 years of slavery Israel was tired and had no chance of out running Egypt. But, they had something you have also, GOD! God is making moves on your behalf, behind the scenes. He is ready to confuse your enemy just as He did the Egyptians. God didn't just allow the children of Israel to escape, He destroyed those that were in pursuit and they were no longer an issue. God used the same miracle to both save and to destroy. It was a "set up". Get ready for His set up in your life.

What is it that you want God to "set up" in your life"? Trust Him, give it to Him. Walk in victory every day. Let's declare this victory not just for ourselves but for our nation. That's not all, let me share some of the mighty miracles God performed when Israel got to the other side of the Red Sea.

Moses was in the desert with 2 or 3 million people. How would he manage that huge logistical nightmare? Fists full of miracles began to take place. Here is what God did.

provided about 1500 tons of food each day. That's two freight trains about a mile long each just for food. Provided about 4000 tons of wood each day to cook with. Oh, how about water in the desert, 11,000,000 gallons per day. That would take a train about 1800 miles long. All the millions of people had to cross the Red Sea in one night. They camped in an area the size of the state of Rhode Island.

Did Moses have this all mapped out before leaving Egypt, I think not! Just realize, your problem is not bigger than Gods ability. He has a fistful of miracles just for you. Let Him "set up" your circumstances and start releasing your miracles.

Have a blessed day.

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