Forgiveness Brings Blessings

When has there been a time when most of the world at the same moment has been able to sit and think, contemplate and ponder? Think, to employ one’s mind rationally and objectively and evaluate. Contemplate, to view or consider with continued attention. Ponder, to weigh in the mind, consider quietly, soberly and deeply. These are three words with impact that we should put to work in our lives at this time of uncertainty. I don’t know about you but way too much time on our hands in close proximity to the same people can lead to spiritual, mental and physical congestion. You can guess what happens next, confrontation at some level on a one to ten scale. What needs to happen next? Forgiveness! Our current downtime is also a God given opportunity to reflect back over the years and review any unforgiven areas of our lives. This time of reflection can change your life for eternity. It can be a great blessing to you. Forgiveness can change our broken personalities and bondage's into a successful rescue operation. God's grace should flow through us, not just into us.

In Ephesians it states that by not forgiving we open up the door for the enemy to gain a foothold in our lives, both physical and spiritual. It hampers not only our relationship with God and others but the very health of our bodies. Take the example of mountain climbing, the smallest foothold will allow the climber to cling to an extremely small outcropping. The enemy likes to hang onto the small outcroppings of our unforgiveness. In a way we are giving the enemy the right to hang around. Why hang onto something that is so easily released from our lives but so damaging when held onto? Forgiveness is part of the restoration process. In Matthew it says that we will not be forgiven if we do not forgive men their trespasses. God is waiting for our surrender to forgiveness and His will. What is forgiven is not remembered in the sight of God. We can do no less than our heavenly Father to others. God’s forgiveness is like a pardon. It relieves us from the burden of our offence. It makes the grievance permanently finished. It releases both parties into victory in Christ. It brings newness of life. The root word for forgiveness is grace. Exhibit grace to someone today.

If unforgiveness in our lives blocks the flow of God’s blessings in our lives let us stop the heartache now. His blessings in both our spiritual and physical lives can be restored by simple forgiveness. It should be a daily search of our inner being. Unforgiveness will eventually choke your physical body and bring destruction to it. Is it worth it to hold onto unforgiveness? Think about this, unforgiveness is a blemish in the sight of God. Just an un-consequential speck in our minds, but not God’s. Ephesians speaks about the bride, (church) that’s us, being ushered into the marriage supper without spot or wrinkle. Those words are not plural, they are singular, meaning not a spot or a wrinkle. It says holy, without blemish. I surely don’t want to miss that event just because I couldn’t extend grace to someone. God expects us to be Christ like.

Let’s take this time we have and search out any of those “spots” in our lives and become that bride without blemish. Let’s enhance our spiritual and physical well being. We hold back, not wanting to admit that we messed up. We look at ourselves with eyes of deception while God looks at us with eyes of truth. Want a healthy spiritual and physical life? Surround your relationships with forgiveness and impart grace to others.

Have a blessed day.

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