God's Control Room

Today let us look at what John sees as he goes through the open door of Heaven. John finds himself in The Throne Room to be a witness to coming events that only make sense from a heavenly perspective. Probably more than the human mind can comprehend so, for John, all the more reason to be translated in spirit and not physically. I think we can look at the Throne Room as God’s Control Room. It is where all the action takes place in executing the plans of God. All control rooms have someone in command and everyone else executes those commands. Compare it to what we know about a control room on earth. It is full of people, each with a job to do. There is a plan to follow, and there is also back up plans. It is different in Heaven, only one plan to be executed, no plan “B” for a “just in case” scenario. Here on earth we manage both offence and defense strategies from the control room. Guess what, no defensive plans flowing from God’s control room, it is all offence, planned since the beginning of time. In this control room the end results are guaranteed, they are in writing in God’s Word.

Who did John find assigned to The Throne Room, (God’s Control Room) and what did it look like? Scripture says that the first thing he saw was “a throne set in heaven.” He also saw, “One who sat on the throne.” The throne was “set”, it was secure and there was power and authority to rule. We can be encouraged because scripture tells us that at no time do we ever see God unseated from His throne. We could go on for days in describing what John saw by referencing many old testament scriptures.

Next, John sees the 24 elders surrounding God on the throne. There are different thoughts on who they are but I think the best is that they represent the “completed” Church. That would be those saved in the Old Covenant community of Israel and also the New Covenant community of the Church. Together they represent the redeemed saints of all time. Revelation 5:9-10 supports this.

John also saw the seven spirits of God before the throne. We could sum up who they are by describing them as the seven different aspects of the person of God and the work and attributes of the Holy Spirit. The following seven spirits are found in Isaiah chapter 11:

1. The Spirit of the Lord

2. The Spirit of wisdom

3. The Spirit of understanding

4. The Spirit of counsel

5. The Spirit of might

6. The Spirit of knowledge

7. The Spirit of the fear of the Lord

John also saw four living creatures that were surrounding the throne. It is unlike anything we have known and fascinating in what they do. They are full of eyes, front and back. This gives us a portrayal of vision, knowledge, and the omniscience of God. He describes these living creatures as having four faces. We can look in Ezekiel and Isaiah for a complete description and find out that the faces represent the fourfold nature and ministry of Christ. The four faces are the Lion, the Calf, the face of Man and the face of an Eagle. You can find a good description of what each face represents there also. These creatures have a job in the throne room, it is to worship God day and night, non-stop. Everything they do is focused on God and magnifies Him. In the control room of Heaven there is no doubt who is in control. God is worshiped and glorified as the Kingdom plays offense and not defense.

Let us do the same in our spiritual walk on earth. Let us follow the plan from the “control room.” We don’t need to find our own plan, we need to execute His plan for the times we are in. As we continue to trek through Revelations pray about what God may be wanting to reveal to you about who He is in todays world. Do not be surprised about our future as times quickly change. The battle is formed in the control room and we can benefit from the offence God has sent forth in this day.

Have a great day.

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