God's Countdown

To get a greater insight into what is coming we need to continue to remember that what we see in the book of Revelations is enhanced and connected with many other books in the bible. For the sake of many hours of writing and reading here, check out Daniel chapter 9, especially verses 24-27. This is a prophetic passage of great input in the last days. These scriptures allow us to know when the 69th week of Daniel’s prophecy ended. It ended with the death of Jesus on the cross. That was the moment He was “cut off”, or crucified. That was the time the “prophetic” clock for Israel as a nation stopped.

When does the 70th week start again for Israel? Again, from Daniel 9:24, it has much to do with Jerusalem, the Holy City of God’s people. As we discovered a few weeks ago, three major things must occur to kick in Daniel’s 70th week. Number one, God’s people must be living in the land. Secondly, they must control Jerusalem. Third, they must be able to worship in a temple as prescribed by the law of Moses. Currently this third event is a contentious, culture clashing proposal in the middle east. But, as God makes a way to fulfill this prophecy, the 70th week of Daniel will be restarted for Israel. This is so very significant because it is the only single event in scripture that declares the restarting of the “prophetic clock." Even this could happen very fast. Preparations have been ongoing, and people have been preparing to partake in Temple activities once a Temple is available. It is said that even a tent could be set up to serve as a Temple while one is being built. Look at verse 27, it says that the prince, referring to the Antichrist, will confirm a covenant with many for one “seven." It infers that many will go along with, or sign onto this covenant or treaty.

Once Daniel’s 70th week starts what can we expect to take place? For a quick overview let’s look at Isaiah 28:14-15 & 18-19. We see that after three-and one-half years into this covenant it is annulled by the Antichrist and he becomes the supreme destroyer of Israel. This is why God prophetically spoke in Isaiah and said it will become “a covenant with death.” When this covenant is broken the Antichrist will enter the Temple, declaring that he is God and demanding to be worshiped. This will be the “Abomination of Desolation” spoken of in Daniel, Matthew and Thessalonians as well as Revelations. As we look ahead, we can look for the season of Christ’s return. No one knows the day or the hour, but we can be aware of the times we live in. Scripture has told us that we as Christians are appointed to endure tribulations, but we are NOT appointed to endure the wrath of God. This means that if we are diligent and faithful in seeking God’s Word in our lives, seeking His revelation of truth in scripture, we will be able to identify a general time period in Daniel’s 70th week that will Rapture the church into God’s mercy and care.

Here is a quick overview summary of Daniel’s 70th week and how it relates to the seven seals on the scroll from our last post for you to look at. Be aware of these surroundings that are described in Matthew 24 and Revelation chapter 6.

1. The “Beginning Birth Pangs” will begin when Israel signs the “Covenant with Death” with the Antichrist. This encompasses the first four seals.

2. The “Great Tribulation” begins at the midpoint of Daniel’s 70th week when the fifth seal is removed.

3. The “Rapture of the Church” will occur in the second half of Daniel’s 70th week when the sixth seal is removed.

4. When the sixth seal is removed and the Church is raptured, the “Day” of the Lord’s wrath is announced.

5. When the seventh seal is removed there is silence in Heaven for about half an hour. God’s wrath is prepared to be released by seven angels sounding seven trumpets.

As believers in Christ we have an assurance of our future. We can rejoice in knowing that our future is secure, and our foundation is solid. Let us work diligently for the harvest is at hand.

Have a great day.

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