Gods Timing, Not ours, Prophetic Word and Vision

In almost twenty eight years of ministry I have never had this occur before, but I feel in my spirit that I am to repeat a post of a "word" received from the Lord many years ago. God has reminded me of this word several times over the years and my spirit has never given witness that it has been given its timeframe of fulfillment yet. Prophetic patience is sometimes difficult but in surrender to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit please prayerfully consider this "word." This occurred not as a dream, but a open vision during the day. This was very clear and very vivid. It is presented below just as it was written many years ago.

Word given to Elton Williamson to write down for America.

Please feel free to copy this word and share with other members of the Body as the Lord leads you.


Prior to and during the time the Lord was bringing this word forth, He was showing me a very tall skyscraper. It had a strange finish on it and as He brought it into a very close view I could see that it was as if it had been wallpapered with money. Many stood around in awe and looked up at the building. At the same time, I was seeing several calendars come in and out of the picture. I could not see any dates, but they all had different pictures of the fall or winter season on them, a barren look. I don’t know if this represents the harshness and bleakness of winter, or the actual time of the year. Either way, it will be a stormy season when this is fulfilled. As the calendars faded away the building began shaking and fell to the ground. People ran in all directions to get away from the rubble. Many did not get away in time. The word follows:

Tuesday – September 17, 1996

I would warn those that continue to put their future in the hands of those that would manipulate the very governments of this world. They are not the final voice in the last days. Know that I alone will be your protection. That which you work for and that which you praise as it soars higher and higher and is said to be the indicator of peace and prosperity in the land will fall down. It will come down because I am the hope and salvation of your land. There is no peace to be seen except in Me alone. That which you set aside to save yourself with in times of trouble will be as nothing. The season will soon change and many will see no place to run to as all of their plans disappear. They will dash themselves against the rocks. Do not be one of them, put your total trust in Me and let Me support you in this time of trouble. I am the Creator of all things. I can provide for you out of nothing. Those that rely on their own storehouse will not be satisfied. That which they intended to provide a safe haven for them will provide nothing. The most precious possessions will not buy what is not available. Listen to My voice now. I am preparing for your safety and provision. Do not run in fear as these things begin to move upon the earth. I am in control. My people are a blessed people and all shall know who you are by your peaceful response to the trouble around you. Be ready. Be prepared to be the gatherers of My harvest in the soon coming days of trouble.

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