Healing Power

Wow! What a great time we have had on our overseas ministry trips. We all need to reflect on how God cares for us and how we can call on His name for our needs. I would like to share about one of our trips to Europe several years ago and how mightily God moved on many, many lives. God is the same today as He was yesterday, and we need to truly believe that. We need to see His power and authority at work today. It is the answer for a troubled land, He is waiting for us to seek Him for every need. So, here is part of what God did on one of our trips.

On this trip we were able to minister in Poland, Ireland and in Bradford, PA on the way home. I must say that this was an exciting and productive trip with God pulling together everything in preparation over the previous trips to Europe. There was great favor everywhere we went, and many new doors opened for future ministry. What a blessing to watch God move on hungry people as they seek Him. I want to share some of what happened as we prayed for people’s needs, some physical, some relational and many just inner wounds and hurts.

We saw many meet Christ as their personal Savior, surrendering to His will in their lives. Several were instantly healed of headaches, one in particular that had just given her heart to the Lord and while walking back to her seat stopped, turned around and shouted to us, "It's gone, it's gone!" One lady that was deaf in one ear received her hearing as we prayed for her. I could mention many other miracles but want to share what three people actually wrote to us, about the miracles in their lives. The following are just as they wrote to us.

From Mary:

You know, when I met you for the first time three years ago at another church, you literally breathed the breath of life into me as you prayed with me. Last year when you came, I had a huge decision to make as to whether I should give my ex-husband, whom I have been separated from for twenty years a chance to come back and try again. It would have been so easy to have said "yes" because I have been on my own for those twenty years with no family and little support. I find the loneliness and isolation so strong that it would have been easier to let him come back. But I prayed and the Lord said "no," it was not to be, and it caused me much pain to have to say no. When you prayed with me last time the very first thing you said was that the Lord wanted to thank me for the decision I made, which He knew was very difficult. I know now that I did make the right decision. This year as you prayed with me, the Lord showed me how much healing has gone on in my life. I never thought that I would ever, ever be healed, but He has done it. Would you ever put a week aside for another visit here next year? It would be great.

From Patricia:

My name is Patricia, I'm fifty years of age and I'm married with five children. On December 30, 2000 we had a bad snowstorm, and the roads were very slippery. I had a very bad fall that night on the ice. I went to the hospital the next morning to get checked. After a checkup, the doctors told me that I had ruptured the tendons in my knee and needed an operation and would be out of action for at least six to eight months. I spent six weeks in the hospital and could not move my leg. When I left the hospital, I had two crutches and a large caliper brace on my leg. I was to wear the brace for at least ten more weeks.

I had a hospital appointment on March 14th and the day before, on the 13th, I heard that Elton and Gloria Williamson would be ministering in our area. I went along with my daughter to the meeting. I had a great time in the Lord and Elton said that there was someone there that had a knee problem and that God wanted to heal it. I went up and Elton and Gloria prayed for me and Elton told me that I would receive good news from the hospital the next day. I went to the hospital the next day and got great news. The doctor told me that he was extremely pleased with my progress and said that he saw no reason or need for me to wear the brace any more. He said that he couldn't explain the fast recovery. "Praise God." I was delighted with the good news. I took three walks the next day and am getting stronger every day. I realize how important each and every limb is to me and thank God every day for my healing and my blessings.

From Clayre

Last year when you were here at our church, I asked you to pray for my sister Susan who had a growth or tumor in one of her ovaries. The doctors also thought that it was doing damage to part of her bowels. They did some tests and found that it contained fluid and they were going to take her into the hospital for surgery. When Elton prayed with me for her he gave me a tissue that he anointed with oil and prayed over to give to my sister so she would know that she had been prayed for. Susan kept the tissue with her until she had the operation.

After the surgery they had to send the growth away to be tested and Susan was told to come back in four weeks for the results. When she went back the doctor told her that when he had opened her up during the operation what he saw looked very suspicious. He said that he was sure that he was going to have to tell her that this had spread through her whole system, but he waited for the results to come in. When they were in all of the tests were totally negative, no problems. "Praise God." Susan believes that the prayers were heard and answered. The doctor said that short of a "Miracle" he could not explain what had happened. (By the way, Susan, her brother and her niece all gave their hearts to the Lord during the meetings this year)

Praise God that He never fails. It is not about us, it is all about Him. We need to put God above all else in our hearts and our nation. God hasn’t changed, but something has. Could it be us? Are we expectant, do we fully believe that today God will do what He has done in the past? Let’s step out in faith and allow God to work in our midst.

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