Hell Unleashed

Here we are, looking at the 3 “woes” that the angel cried out. Here is what is coming with the next three trumpet blasts. Fifth and sixth trumpet blasts, “demonic hordes” are freed to roam the earth. The seventh trumpet blast will bring the third “woe” which will reveal seven bowls of God’s final wrath. Again, just when you think it can’t get worse, it does. We must seek God’s presence in our nation as never before for a great end-time harvest of souls. Nobody should think they have the power to face the wrath of God on their own. It will be next to impossible to survive the anguish.

In the 5th blast of the trumpet a demonic horde of “Locusts” are released upon earth. John describes them as nothing ever seen on earth before. We see God giving an angel the key to the bottomless pit, to release the hordes of Hell. This angel is most likely a fallen angel since he has the name of Abaddon, (destruction in Hebrew) and Apollon, (destroyer in Greek). He is also described as the angel of the bottomless pit and is also referred to in past tense as the fallen angel. Read Revelation 9:7-11 for a graphic look at the features of these “Locusts.”

They have stingers as scorpions do and are given the authority to torment and pursue mankind for a period of 5 months. They have no authority to kill, only to torment. It says that it will be so intense that man will want to die but will not be able too. They are commanded to not harm any grass or green thing. They also can not harm any man that has the seal of God on their foreheads. Remember, this seal is gained by not taking the “Mark” of the beast. This probably includes the 144,000 people of Israel spoke of earlier. As horrific as this may sound, God is still holding out His hand of salvation to those that will repent. A just but merciful God will give every opportunity for man to be saved from the pit of Hell. Just as He let Abraham negotiate for the lives of those in Sodom and Gomorrah, He will contend for every single life that will surrender to Him in the last days of earth. What a loving and righteous God we serve. He will continue to increase the pressure, waiting for stragglers to “make a decision” for eternity with Him.

As the 6th trumpet is blasted, a demonic “Army” is released. This blast releases four angels that have been bound at the great river Euphrates. Apparently, they have been bound for just this time. Their being bound indicates they are fallen angels. Scripture says they will lead a demonic army of two hundred million horseman. They will be given the authority to kill one third of mankind on earth. They will have fire, smoke and brimstone coming out of their mouths and have tails like serpents, spewing death around the world. Think about this, killing one third of a population that is currently at about eight billion people. God is still giving that last opportunity for surrender of hearts to Him. Those that are following the Antichrist and falling before him in worship will still not repent. They will become hardened of heart. As horrific as those times will be they will still cling to their idolatry, worship of demons and sexual immorality. They will hang on to their sorceries, which in Greek is a word related to drug use. People will steal and murder to survive.

As we see the 7th trumpet blast, the judgement of those remaining on earth is ready for release. Man has compromised his relationship with God, turned his back and relied on his own way and a false Antichrist. God is now ready to terminate the rule of man on earth. The armies of the Antichrist will be utterly and finally destroyed, wiped from the face of the earth. The battle of Armageddon will wipe the slate clean. We can be assured that we will be with Christ in that day. Scripture says that the voices in heaven were rejoicing and referring to Jesus as, “our Lord.” That is our voices, we are rejoicing. Without a relevant and personal relationship with God, the picture we have been looking at is more than just bleak. It is impossible to even think about trying to survive in a world with such chaos and mayhem.

There is a way out. Let’s make sure we are steadfast in Christ, that we are tuned into His voice as we allow if to speak to our hearts in the day we live in. Our spiritual sight and hearing are far more important that the vain bellowing of any man. It is time to stand firm, hand and hand with a righteous God.

Have a great day.

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