Why are we always longing or looking for more? I don't mean more of God, we should always look for that but I mean more of what surrounds us in the human sense. We want more things, more money, more time, just about more of everything. You know what I think we really want more of, in the worst way, more control. If we are honest we really want more control of all of the things in our lives. We even want to control what God does in our lives and what He wants to do through our lives.

When it comes to our problems we truly want to be in control. Most of the time our problems involve other humans and we know exactly how we want to deal with them during our problem. We even go so far as to have a conversation with God and give Him not so subtle hints as to what needs to be done to accomplish what our controlling spirit has reasoned out, even if only in our mind. We never seem to be bright enough to understand that it is not being able to guide our own problems to extinction that brings freedom to us but it is totally giving the entire weight of the problem to HIM. Every last ounce, even the weight of the wrapper the problem comes in. (Flesh and blood can sometimes be a wrapper)

I was reading the other day and a story said it so clearly. It tells so well about the absolute need to take our problems to the Lord. We also need to go beyond there and leave them with Him. The next step that we find very hard is to hold nothing back, leaving even the wrapper.

The story was about an elderly man who had declared that he would never fly in an airplane. An emergency came about in his life and he had no choice but to fly to another city quickly. He did so, making it his first venture on a plane. When those picking him up met him at the airport they were curious about his flying the first time and ask if he enjoyed it. He responded that he guessed it was ok but made one thing very clear to them. He never ever put his full weight down into the seat. What an uncomfortable position to be in for the whole flight. His discomfort was due to his own control. Sounds just like many of us as we struggle to keep control, even of the very things we wish to be free of.

God wants us to hold nothing back and place the full weight of the burden on Him and leave it there. That is how we find a smooth ride even during our troubles. When we do that we can have a confidence in His ability to support the weight of our problem. We can go on, not worrying about what has been entrusted to Him. We can then even look at the wrapper that surrounded our problem in a different light, the light of His Glory as He holds both wrapper and problem in His hands.

Why don't we look to God as the shepherd He is over us? Do we tend to think it takes that control away from us? If we release control, just like the sheep in a flock, we are taken care of. There is a bond that develops between Shepherd and flock. The Shepherd has a staff to reach out and protect the sheep, the staff does not control the sheep, it protects them, it pulls them out of situations they get stuck in. Controlling our own life puts us in a place where we get snared by the thorns, a place that only the staff can reach into. Let's face it, the enemy is not looking for lost sheep, he is busy piling on more thorns, making the sheep harder to reach.

As God is our Shepherd we need to become a shepherd over our own flocks. We need to follow His example. We need to restore the "Shepherd loves Sheep" attitude in our lives. We are Church shepherds, Home shepherds, Work shepherds and even Government shepherds. Let us be the best shepherd we can be at our Kingdom task. The reality is that as we enter eternity the question is not, "have you kept or lost control" over what you gathered as your own. The question we will answer to is, "did you shepherd the sheep I put in your charge.?

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