Impromptu Prophetic Sermon

On the date below I was speaking at a meeting in Portland, Oregon. I had prepared a sermon and as I got ready to deliver the sermon I felt led of the Lord to forget the sermon and deliver this “prophetic sermon” as the Lord unfolded it for me. Below is the sermon God poured forth and it is impactful for today as well as then. This is the only time I have had this happen in the years of our ministry. It is sometimes scary as we trust Him "for the moment." He will fill your heart and your mouth when needed.

God is faithful, if we trust Him.

Tuesday May 22, 2001

It is I who walks in your midst. I am your Lord, I am your God, I am your Master. I am your Savior. I am the one who reaches out My hand and I am the one who holds you close. I am the one who draws you to comfort and safety and to peace. I am the one who has a heart that is open for you. I am the one that wishes to receive you in new ways. I am the one who wants to cause My Spirit to pour out upon you. I am the one that wants to cause freshness and zeal and an excitement, and a vitality to rise up within you, I want newness of life to pour through your spirit, through your heart, through your mind.

I walk in your midst because I love you. I walk in your presence so that you might know Me, so that you might trust Me, so that I might impart My blessing into your life. I walk with you so that you might find strength and comfort, so that the desire of your heart shall come forth as I release My love and My power and My might and My authority through you. I am ever present, I never step away from you, and I never leave you. In the time of trial, in the time of struggle, in the time of turmoil you can find Me for I am right there. You can reach out, I am ready to meet every need, and I am ready to carry every burden. I am ready to lift every care. I am ready to pour forth into your life more abundantly than ever before. Come My child, seek My face, and ask on behalf of your needs.

Let Me unfold the Kingdom that I hold in My hand before you. Let the righteousness of who I am rise up in you. Let the time that you live in be a new place to work and to reside and to live in Me. The day is at hand that I have called you too. The time that I have prepared you for is now. Let Me release you into a place of service. Let Me release you into a place that I have prepared you for. Let all of the struggles of the day be set aside. Let the glory of who I am rush forth through your spirit, so that I might cause My power and My authority to be seen within you, so that newness of life will come to others as they see it in you. So that My countenance shines through your face, so that people look at you and know who I am. Yes, I have called you to this place for this time; I have called you for My purpose. I am jealous of My relationship with you, I want My Spirit to pour through you but I want you to step intimately close. I want you to reside where I reside, I want the oneness and the unity of whom I am to come.

I want you to be emboldened in your relationship with Me, I wish to empower you for greater things. I want you to place your trust, I want you to place your faith, I want you to place all of who you are in who I am. Not so that you might be blessed but so that I might use you, so that you may become a fountain that pours forth living water. That there is a fresh flow of My spirit that goes through you and it flows into the valleys, it flows into the deep places. It flows into the darkest places so that I might lift those up who are walking where you have walked. So that I might cause you to speak life into dead places so that you might know My resurrection power, so you might know the authority of who I am. So that the oneness that I have with you might be shared with those that I direct you too.

I simply want all of who you are, and I simply want to pour all of who I am into you. I am the restorer, I am the redeemer, and I am the healer. I am the creator of all good and perfect gifts. I will give you that desire of your heart, but you must stay in purity and righteousness and holiness before Me. I call you My child, but you must draw closer. You must knit yourself with who I am in the Spirit. You must come to the realization that it is not enough to know who I am, but you must know the intimacy of who I am. You must know My heart, you must know My Spirit, and you must know Me in relationship.

Surrender every crevice, every dark spot and let My joy permeate your very being and let the flow of My Spirit come out of you in a greater measure. Trust Me for I trust you; trust Me for I trust you. It is time to put your trust in Me. It is time to put your own ideas on the shelf. It is time to pull back that which you have tried to put in the hands of man and place them in the hands of your heavenly Father. I know all things from beginning to end. I not only know your hearts desire, but I already know the end of your hearts desire. I know the purpose of your hearts desire and some are pure, and some are not. Some are good and some have motives of self. If you will allow Me, I will cause the goodness of My heart to cause your motives to turn to Me. I shall bring forth what I want in your life. I shall take that obstacle that you face that you have handed to man and I shall cause goodness to flow from it. I will take what you see as evil and I shall turn it to My glory in your very life. It is My desire to work a miracle in your life.

It is My hearts desire to pour forth abundantly into those empty places that have been stolen from your spirit. Those places that the enemy has spoke death into I want to resurrect. I want to cause goodness, I want to cause authority and I want to cause My name to rise up in that place and I want you to see victory as you allow Me to move with the hand of the Father, not the hand of man. I created man; man is not greater than I. He cannot cause your destiny to change, it is I who has laid a path and a plan before your life and it is as you surrender to Me that the path and the plan are birthed. It is as you trust Me that the trials and the struggles and the things that you have cried out to Me in the night for are refreshed and renewed.

Yes, I am the God of creation; let Me be at work in your life. Give Me free rein to rule and to operate on your behalf. Let Me function as your Father, let me reach out and touch your very existence. Give to Me the impossibility of your circumstance; I deal in the impossible My child, not the probable. When man has extended all that he can put forth, my hand is available to complete that which man cannot. If you would only trust Me with every facet of your life. You speak boldly of who I am to many, you declare My name in your life, but you do not let Me fully work. You declare My authority to others, but you don’t trust Me in your own circumstance. Shall I not answer you if you cry out to Me? Does the Father not answer the child when he begs for bread? My child, you do not have to beg, you only need to come and receive that which I have already set aside on your behalf. That thing that you plead for, that obstacle that surrounds you, I already have the answer. But you just have to trust Me; you have to release Me to be at work in your life.

I ask you to surrender every last bit of who you are for you see if you hold nothing from Me, I hold nothing from you. I love you, I love you and I want to pour forth good into your life, I want to bless you abundantly. I say to you today, trust Me, and do not trust the hand of man. Man does not deal from My Kingdom. Man does not deal in the authority of who I am. Place every burden, place every care before Me. Open yourself up and trust Me, even with that impossibility that lies before you. Even with that which you have spoken and said, this will never happen. I challenge you My child to trust Me with it, trust Me. I am a faithful Father, I am a faithful Father and I have a tender heart towards you.

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