Intimate or Immature?

Do we sometimes look around at the Body of Christ as well as looking at ourselves and find that there is a lack of urgency? It shows in our attitudes, it shows in our outlook on life and it certainly shows in our priorities. We are in the middle of a year that I truly believe in My spirit is going to be like no other that we have lived out before. We are coming into the time of God's fullness as He begins to pull the curtain on the earth as we know it. God is moving about the earth and seeking and calling for those that will set aside the last small clumps of earth that we place in the corner of our hearts just for ourselves. They may not always be "bad" things but just things that we hold dear and don't want to surrender. Something that just keeps us from placing God in that special corner where that piece of earth sits.

While thinking about this I was led to the book of Matthew where in chapter four we find others that at the moment seemed to be involved in the daily chores of their day. There in vs. 18-22 we find something interesting that I think applies to today. We find men that were involved in their priorities for the day. They were in business for themselves, fishermen with lots of work to do, mending nets and repairing boats. We know from scripture that they already knew who Jesus was, they had met Him before. This meeting was different; there was a sense of urgency about it. Jesus simply said to follow Him. It wasn't a question it was a statement. Is He making that same statement to the church today? He is if we have that intimate relationship with Him that allows us to hear His voice in our spirit. There was no hesitation from those that He spoke this to. In most accounts the word immediately is used when telling of the response of those He called to follow Him. There is no indication that they said anything about their other priorities or desires at that time.

They left with Jesus; they didn't appear to return home first to tell anyone where they were going. They didn't say they needed to have time to tie up loose ends in their business. They didn't say they needed time to prepare or go to school. In one case they immediately just left their father with the boat and followed Jesus. They were immediately about the work of the kingdom. We need to realize that the church, us, you and I need to have this same attitude in these days. In the very next few verses we find them with Jesus as miracles are being done. They were where Jesus was, touching lives and carrying out the great commission. It's not that we all need to drop everything we are doing and become pastors or etc., we just need to have this same desire, heart and sense of urgency for what God is laying before us in these last days.

There is an intimacy that God is calling us to, one that we should not shrug off or delay acting upon. As chapter five of Matthew talks about our being the salt and light to the world we need to know that we will be just that in the coming days. God will have us to go where there is no salt or light in these last days. We need the most intimate relationship we have ever experienced with the Father as we find ourselves surrounded by a world of turmoil. We don’t know what chaos will surround us tomorrow.

That intimacy was broken in the Garden but the Father wants it restored. The final restoration will be found in the Bride that He is coming for, coming soon. She will not have a spot or a wrinkle, not even a blemish. What does that tell us? We need to be set aside unto Him, not even a smudge here or there. No hidden agendas, no priorities that are not aligned by Him. Matthew 19:29-30 tells us that we should not count things by earthly standards. When He says that many of the first shall be last and many of the last shall be first, we see that all things are based on His standards, not man's. In my spirit God is constantly bringing forth the fact that today is the day to surrender all things to Him. This is the day that the slightest distraction from Him could cause us to make a wrong step, in the midst of great turmoil. He wants intimacy, TODAY!!

The intimacy that God is calling us to is for a purpose far beyond just ourselves. It is for the strength needed in the days ahead. It is to be able to hear His every whisper to our spirit in the days of need that we will soon face. It is to give us power to overcome. There is a great and tremendous harvest just ahead of us and His intimacy will make us better reapers. The greatest harvest we have ever known will come out of great trial. The coming days are not the time for us to decide to give every last corner to Him. We must be in that place of readiness now because when harvest starts it is too late to spend time repairing the machinery.

God has been readying the harvest; He has been tending the fields, preparing for us to reap abundantly. We need to be ready to stand under the tree and literally catch the fruit as it drops from the tree. It will be over ripe from the work of God in the fields. In the midst of great turmoil, those that have been pruned and tended to will be ready for harvest. We need to be instant in following Gods call and intimately hear His voice in knowing which tree to be under in that day. Just as God said that He would come as a thief in the night, so should we be ready. No thief announces his arrival prior to breaking into your house. They come when you are inattentive. Let's be ready today. Let's shake even the very dust from our garments in preparation for His perfect will in our lives. Let's not be caught by surprise when God moves in these last days.

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