My God Thoughts – 01/14/2021 – 12:30pm

Do you ever have this rouge thought, wondering what God really wants from you? Not a bad thought, just an open=ended thought about the reality of who He is in your life. We go about our day with not a lot of planning or trying to work in what He would have for the day. By the time our list is done, not much time left for Godly intrusion into our schedule. Can you imagine how eager God is to intervene in our current circumstances? I can see Him patiently waiting for our surrender to His plan, to be content with whatever He has for us, knowing and trusting our future to Him. We seem to let Him know that we are doing all we can, we pretend we have no time or energy to engage further with Him. Let’s sit and clear our minds, be honest with where we are. We even find that hard to do, we find it hard to even release control into the hands of a all knowing and loving God. God is greater than the collective sum of our frustration. He is above it, reaching out, reach back.

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