My God Thoughts - 01/20/2021 - 11:13am

Was praying today about our country and got the impression of the smiling face of God. He was concerned with our fragile faith. My question is, “Don’t we know He is in charge, that He has a plan?” The worst-case scenario in our nation may be upon us but God is over us. What man has supposedly set in stone, God can chisel away in a moment. The finger of God is on the pulse of our land. We can rejoice in the fact the God is never deterred. He does not have a plan “B”. We can look forward to life in His hands or we can surrender to the entrapment and snares of those that oppose Him. We make choices today that are not just for tomorrow, but for eternity. Any sacrifice we must overcome is but a blip on God’s radar screen. Today we are being set apart for a divine reason. We must cherish our place in Christ and reject the folly of man. Take your place in Him today. We are His witnesses.

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