My God Thoughts - 01/23/2021 - 10:55am

Just thinking about where our nation is at this moment, and what God can do, without our help. It brought to my mind the Red Sea trip God’s people took in the middle of the night. They were oppressed, in slavery to a Godless leader and God suddenly took charge in the night. He used the over confidence of the enemy to destroy them. They used all their power to pursue God’s people. The children of Israel only had to be obedient. The same event saved one and destroyed the other. We have the choice to be swallowed up or set free. Question, is God the same today? Can our nation have a Red Sea moment? Is obedience really better than sacrifice? Look forward to the Golden Calf moment. People who knew better gave up all their possessions, their values, and freedoms to create something to worship. They transferred their trust from God to man, looking for something to take care of them. How did that work out? I think that today, God is patiently waiting for us to kneel and trust.

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