My God Thoughts – 02/03/2021 – 11:00am

Thinking about all the concerns for our nation today and if God can even bring it back into alignment with His will. Pulled up some information I jotted down several years ago about Moses exiting Egypt. Let this sink in and know that God is still able to take care of correcting this nation’s woes.

For starters, Moses had to feed 2 or 3 million people each day. That would take about 1500 tons of food each day. That would require two freight trains, one mile long each. They needed 4000 tons of firewood for each day for cooking. Drinking water and small amount for washing would require 11,000,000 gallons daily. They were in the desert so carrying it would be impossible.

They crossed the Red Sea in one night. How did that happen? The pathway God made had to be three miles wide for that to happen. They camped out every night. That needed a campground the size of Rhode Island. Did Moses calculate all these issues in Egypt before embarking on this trip? I don’t think so. Moses believed God and God took care of the details. Do you think God has a problem taking care of the issues of our nation right now? When He is ready, He will initiate His answer. The road we are traveling may be difficult but let’s leave it in His hands and His timing. Get ready for a miracle.

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