My God Thoughts - 02/05/2021 - 2:50pm

There is a place that God wants to take all of us, not just those in far off places. It is a place of service, it is a place that He has prepared and only you can fill the gap in that place. That tugging in your spirit that you feel, it comes from the Father's hand touching you and drawing your spirit into an even closer and more intimate relationship with Him. He is saying to us that now is the time to step out of the shadows and let the light of who we are shine forth. Now is the time to answer the call He has placed in you. The many years of the growth of His love and knowledge in you have not been for retention, but for a time of pouring forth and that time is now. The Spirit of the Lord is about to explode all around us, rejoice in what you see and call forth into the heavens with a loud voice as we prepare to receive what God has for us all, in our own land. Don't miss what God wants you to have, be willing to be spent by Him. Church, stand in unity. Stand in that place of strength that unity brings. Join with those that God has placed all over this earth just for such a time as this. His Kingdom is about to reign and rule forever.

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