My God Thoughts - 02/12/2021 - 1:05pm

Just been thinking about what God is doing in our nation, pondering how things should be happening and they mostly are not. Why is that? Ask yourself this, does the will of man and the will of God match up? Has the sovereignty of God somehow changed just because we don’t agree with something? Never, ever will that happen. What if God has different plans than we do, what if He wants to play out this crazy story that we are part of currently? Do we know the end result or does God? Maybe He is letting the enemy sow a harvest that can only be reaped in destruction. Have we as a church set our feet on a pathway that is riddled with decay, one that has slightly misaligned the truth to fit with the voices of leadership in our land? Seems we have pinned our hopes on the declarations of man, putting God at odds with what we expect and demand for our nation. God can accomplish His will no matter what the circumstances look like. We need to focus on Him, we need to cry out for the restitution of righteous leadership. God will allow folly until His timing is on the scene. We have built a house of filth on a foundation that was given to us by God. It shall not stand and corrupt what God gave us in the beginning. It will fall or it can be redeemed, the outcome is in our hands. Allow God to do His work while we purify our nation, while we pray for cleansing and the surrendering of our collective will to be in alignment with Him. May our leaders turn, seeking Him and not the power to corrupt. Years of sorrows have brought us to this division of wills, God has not changed. Will we?

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