My God Thoughts - 02/25/2021 - 12:15pm

Was looking through some of the old articles from our ministry newsletter and want to share what I feel is relevant today also. The thought is about liberty, do we get it automatically along with salvation or do we need to seek it? Is it something God has available to us, but we need to take steps to proclaim it? I think both old and new believers need a resurgence of liberty, living the “abundant life”. We need to seek Gods truth, He said knowing the truth shall set us free. Gods word is truth, so we need to know it as we face the enemy.

Our liberty was bought back after it was stolen in the Garden. We have been freed and given a new identity, but Satan will challenge that new identity. Want liberty, shed your life of anything that represents the enemy, anything that can become an open door for Satan. That means, things, thoughts, actions, and emotions that hinder your liberty. They may seem innocent, but death can arise from innocent choices. Renounce evil and embrace Christ.

Do not hold grudges or offenses, there is liberty and health in forgiveness. There are four root sins we need under submission. Pride, unbelief, immorality, and rebellion. They will doom you to a life without liberty. In Jude it says to submit ourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee! Our flesh insists on its own way and denying our flesh is a lifelong effort.

Confess all known and unknown sin, keep our garments clean, constantly looking for the Bridegroom. Step out of your past, renounce things spoken over you that do not have a heritage in Christ. Submit to the mastery of God over your entire life, beginning to end. Victory is yours in Christ. Release your liberty. Step out of the stream that flows from the camp of the enemy, there is no fresh water there.

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