My God Thoughts - 03/05/2021 - 12:50pm

Prayer sounds so general when we think of it. What is the effectual fervent prayer we hear about in the bible? What makes it different, or is it? First off, what do we think prayer is? It is a conversing with God, soul to soul, not in contemplation but in direct address to Him. Scripture describes prayer many ways, we can cry out, we can beseech the Lord, we can pour our heart out, we can even bow our knees and draw near to God. For it to be effective though we need to hold a belief in the personality of God. We need to believe He wants to commune with us.

We need to approach Him in sincerity, approaching in reverence and a godly fear. We need to approach prayer with the divine will of God in perspective. We need to seek Him believing that He has the power to answer, unhesitating in our trust in Him. We need to frame it within His name. Our prayers can be secret, social, worshipful, and even intercessory. They can be quiet, spoken, unspoken, or just thoughtfully inward. The point is, He wants to commune with us, and it can be different at different times. Prayer is not a posture it is an attitude within our relationship with God.

Do you want answers, wait on God? Do you want to hear God, wait on God? Do you want the will of God in your life, walk in His ways? Forget ritual, get real with God, find relief.

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