My God Thoughts - 03/08/2021 - 12:45pm

Seem like we are getting into a new season of life, a season of drastic change. It is a season that is seeing what we believe in and what we trust in be attacked from all sides. Three thoughts should become apparent in this moment.

1. Jesus could return to earth at any time.

2. We are entering a time of rapid and universal changes.

3. We need to live and arrange our lives, being ready for anything and everything.

We need to get a vision of where our protection is, a vision of God’s protective power. Strongholds give the key to our lives to the enemy. We need to surrender strongholds and live, in victory.

There are many passages in scripture that speak protection to us. It says we can sit in the shadow of the Almighty. It says we are seated together with Christ. It tells us we can spend the night in Shaddi’s shadow. Every believer is provided Heaven’s position, power, privilege, and peace. We can press in and live a life immersed in Christ. We can live in faith, not fear. God is our refuge and our strength.

Let us learn to take our faith to a new level, one that helps us to stand above the river of despair that is flowing across our land. We need to let our mind lock onto what our heart knows, we need to know that the ground we walk on is given to us by our maker. He who creates is greater than he who destroys. Our current times are not a surprise to God, we are His feet, we are His hands, we are His people for today. Take your place of protection in Him and boldly go forth into battle.

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