New Direction

New Direction, Prophetic Word for America Word given to Elton Williamson September 29, 2020 - 12:05pm

I call out to those that are in the middle of the field, surrounded by the wolves of the day. I am a jealous God and my hand is sweeping over your land. I am drawing out and I am allowing the enemy to take heart in this day. I shall draw them into a place of exposure, I shall give them their headstrong and wanton ways for a short season. As the enemy proclaims victory I shall reach out with a vengeance, I shall harvest the seekers of evil for another day. Look around, see the destruction the enemy is directing, see the clawing from those in high places as they tear at My robe, as they seek to hide me from your sight.

They hide in the darkness, denouncing My Kingdom, turning their back on the foundation stones that I placed in your land from the very beginning of creation. I have a purpose for this land, and it shall not be turned in another direction. What you see and what you fear shall be changed in a moment, your cry has been brought before My throne and I have dispatched My “Standard Bearers” across your land so that they may stand before the enemy in an unexpected moment.

The lies of the enemy have grown to excess, they have attempted to quite the voice of My people. This shall not stand in a land where there is still a voice of righteousness. My people, where will you stand today? Do not let fear overcome your victory. Know that I am still at the helm, even, in the midst of lawlessness, and that through the actions of the enemy I shall require account of their own deeds.

The foundations that I have planted shall not be shaken and rendered unworthy, they shall be redeemed, they shall be reclaimed and again support the principles I birthed in the hearts and souls of those that sought Me, those that bent knees to birth your nation. Be not unlearned for you are in a spiritual vise, evil on one side and My Kingdom on the other. Now is the time, today is the day, set aside your earthly desires and cling to My Word for it shall be your salvation in coming days. My hand of strength is soon to be seen from shore to shore. The battle shall soon come to a head as the light of My glory exposes distorted lives in dark places. This is the moment I have prepared you for, this is the time of decision for My people. The scales are set, where will you be found? Jezebel shall not overtake the land, says the Lord.

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