Outfitted In Sovereignty

Is there a sovereign move of God coming or is it upon us now? What is the meaning of "sovereign" anyway? It means; above all others, supreme in power or rank, and as far as the Body of Christ is concerned, it means independent of all others. In other words, God can and will act as He chooses with no thought of whether or not we want to be a part of what He is doing. Get ready Church; God is going to sovereignly move even if we hold back in fear or lack of commitment. God doesn't need us to move across this earth. He will allow us to be part of that move if we will totally separate ourselves unto Him, but He will move, even in spite of us.

The saying is that Rome was not built in a day and neither will the Body of Christ be. He has been building and preparing since the beginning of time. He is building an army and that army is just now taking shape and getting its orders for the plunge into the last great battle and harvest. An army must move forward in unity, there must be a oneness that rises up within us as we pick up the banner of His love and begin to carry it around the earth. We are doing better but we still have a difficult time dropping our denominational and doctrinal walls and coming together seeking the same Lord as our Commander in Chief. We have been going through restoration and renewal but that is not the final answer; it is only the final preparation. Should not some of this final preparation include the mental putting aside of the things of this earth? Sure, there are certain things that we need but not to the point that they are engrained into our mind as before anything that God would call us to in these last days.

Let's not get stuck in so much preparation that we can't get out into the field of battle and become engaged in the conflict that the Church has been called to war in. Let's step from the "warm and fuzzy" place, that feels so "good" during the preparation time we have been in. We need to move out into what God has been getting us geared up for, the BATTLEFIELD!!! The bottom line is that the priority of the Church should be unity in the harvest, not doctrine to the point of division. 2 Peter 3:10-13 talks about the Day of the Lord. Verse 12 says, "We can hasten the coming of the Day of the Lord." We can do this by being "steadfast and diligent, be found by Him in peace and be without spot and blameless." Are you at peace today? Is the Church, as a whole at peace today?

God is sovereign. If He can move by His Spirit without the help of man, then we should all seek only God and not those that God uses as the Holy Spirit moves through them. Be around, support and uplift those that God is moving through and using but still keep focused on what God is doing. The one sure way to get sidetracked is to seek what God is doing for someone else. Seek God intimately and He will pour into your life in a unique way. A way that is for you alone. Don't worry if you seek only Him you will not miss what He is doing in these days. Develop your relationship with Him and be guided by His voice to your spirit, not leaning on the thoughts of man and becoming open to confusion. God is not the author of confusion, He is a gentleman, and He is not rude. He gives us all the ability to discern that which is of God and that which is not if we are in tune with His Spirit.

Isn't it interesting that when God moves in His sovereignty there is no way any man can take credit for it? Many times He uses those we would least expect, those that seem untrained and not suited for the task at hand. That's sovereignty!!! In His sovereignty, I believe God is in the process of restoring the Apostles and Prophets into the Church. They are a vital part of the five-fold ministry, and it is as we allow Christ to be the center of the Church that this will take place. In Him this will take place and many times even against the desires of man.

The Church today needs the input of all five ministries, for without all of them, you and I can't come to the maturity God has intended for us as a Body. The Spirit of God will flow through the Body as all five gifts flow in unity. It will drive away division. Ephesians chapter 4 says five gifts were given for the purpose of equipping the saints. Scripture says we are all members of one Body. Just as all of those members are needed to make up one Body, so shall God in His sovereignty again bring forth all of His gifts from a diversity of people. This is not a time to think of ourselves as being so important that God can't move without us.

Let's contend for the gifts as God has said too, but not put that contending before the gift giver. Let's let God, in His sovereignty manifest Himself as He wants to as we seek Him and not any particular manifestation of the Spirit. Remember, He doesn't need us to accomplish His will, but we need to be in His will to accomplish His mandate to us. Join the battle today and reap the harvest now.

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