Plant Your Foot!

Plant your foot! The times and turmoil that we face today and the need for a declaration of God’s grace in our land should push us to plant our foot on Christ the solid rock and take back what the enemy of our soul has stolen. It is time to stomp our spiritual feet, declaring that we will no longer hand over spiritual ground with a shrug of the shoulders. We are not weak in Christ we are victorious in Christ. Where is the fire of authority that God endued His Church with? To know who the enemy is and not put to use the authority that God has given to us is to give away our victory, it is to fade into the background, hoping that all will turn out well. Leaving Satan to his own devices will not turn out well for us, our families, our friends, and the Body of Christ. God has given us the power and authority, we have for the most part, been slack in picking up the tools of victory once again after yearning to be out of the fight. We want spiritual victory without the cost involved.

God in His sovereignty chose to give His Church ruling authority over the earth. He said to subdue it, to take dominion over it. Subdue means to conquer or subjugate and, dominion over it means to prevail over it. In Luke He says that He gives us power over the enemy. With power over the enemy, why do we stand in the background while the enemy of our soul takes advantage of our shallowness? This God granted power is mostly a forgotten tool in our spiritual warfare quiver. Can we once again let the fresh fire of God fall in preparation for our daily encounters with the evil that is sent in our direction? We need to have a fresh revelation in our spirit, in the spirit of the church, that we have been redeemed to exercise authority over our families, neighborhoods, cities and nations. It will change lives it will change the world.

Think about it, when people with authority speak, things happen. It is no different with the power of God except that His power is supreme and just. Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it withered and died. Peter and John spoke to the beggar at the gate and he rose up and walked. God’s authority can be spoken into existence as we face daily obstacles placed in our pathway by the enemy and his imps. In Job 22:28 it says, “thou shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.” We all know how to pray and intercede for answers to our needs, but, have we set aside the great tool of warfare, that of expressing declarations of God’s power and authority? Declarations are not our prayer, but a spoken, commanding authority speaking directly into a situation. It is done in the name of “Jesus.” It is done with the power, authority, and blood of Jesus Christ.

Our God given authority is released through our faith in Christ. It is knowing who you are in Christ and declaring in His Name the exercise of the authority given to you in His Word. In Proverbs 18 it says that we have authority for supernatural protection. In Mark 4 we see we have authority over the elements, and many other things are found throughout scripture that He has given us authority over. Are you living in authoritative victory each day? Would you like too? Search His Word. Know it and hide it in your heart and use it. Remember when Jesus finished His forty days of prayer and Satan tempted Him? What was His response? He refuted each temptation with the Word of God. He said, “It is written.” We face a defeated foe and he daily needs to be reminded of that.

My friends, put on the Word of God as you go about your daily tasks, be ready to speak the Word of God, to make a declaration, in the midst of any situation. Stand your spiritual ground, do not surrender your spiritual rights in Christ and lose the victory God has already staked out for you. The enemy of your soul knows who has supreme authority. He knows that he must succumb to the authority of Christ, the same authority that has been given to you, a redeemed child of God. So, plant your foot and take a stand!

Have a blessed day.

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