Prophetic Word Follow Up-

Yesterday, Sept. 14, 2020 I posted a prophetic word. This is a follow up to that word. I feel impressed by the Lord to expand and let Him bring forth some insight into each of the six statements He brought forth in that word. The six statements were:

1. I am a jealous God.

2. I am always nearer to you than you think.

3. I require all of you - the giving of self to My task for these days.

4. I require the inside of man to be as pure as the outside that he tries to portray.

5. Keep your spiritual eyes open for I will surely catch you in a non-expectant time.

6. Sheep follow a voice, but they also don't know which direction to run from the wolf. Only the voice brings peace to their scattered lives.

I am a jealous God:

What does God mean by the fact that He is jealous? Is it meant in the same way that we view it? I don't think so. God has everything, He created everything, and there is nothing that we possess that He can't have at any given moment. Our spirits were created to worship Him. The one thing that God gave to us that is so very precious is the one thing that He chooses not to possess by force. He will only possess it by choice, OUR CHOICE! That "thing" is our will, our free will and choice to serve and worship Him or not. God will never force you to love and serve Him. The surrender of "self" is something that is truly up to us. God is jealous of our will in the sense that He wants us to surrender it back to Him. He draws us by the Holy Spirit, but we still make a choice to come to Him or to turn our back on Him. To not surrender our will to Him is turning our back on Him and facing the other side of surrendering to Him. It is to give way to Satan and his will in our lives. It is no wonder that God is jealous, He only wants back what He created in the first place, for His own pleasure. Surrender it all to Him.

I am always nearer to you than you think.

Have you ever just stood outside at night and looked into the heavens and thought, "How far away all of this universe seems." Most of the time it seems like God is way out there also, almost untouchable, even though He resides in our heart if we will let Him. He is always just a whisper away; just one word whispered will get His attention. How close does someone need to be to you to respond to just a slight whisper of one word? He seems far away because we have a habit of focusing on our circumstances, which forces God out of the center of our attention and to the very edge of our peripheral vision. It is not God that stands afar off; it is us who keep Him at a distance by our lack of faith. Just because we may not "see" God at work in our lives does not mean that He isn't there working on our behalf.

I require all of you - the giving of self to My task for these days.

What do we have to offer in giving all? We have body, soul, mind and spirit. God wants all of us so that we may be complete in Him. If we gave everything but one small part that would be selfishness on our part. It would be holding back at part of us that we do not want to surrender. It is in surrendering that we receive. God is looking for the surrendering of self in these days so that we might be used for His purposes, not ours. There is nothing of "self" that will survive in the times of trouble anyway so why not surrender and receive all that He has to offer. He wants nothing held back that would separate us from accomplishing His best for us and the receiving of His blessings for tasks accomplished in His name. What good is it to save something for "self" and lose our eternal perspective?

I require the inside of man to be as pure as the outside he tries to portray.

We seem to have a tendency to carry the absolute best foot forward, to look the part, to let everyone know that all is well with us. Why do you think that there is so much make-up sold? Why is it so important for everyone to know that we are successful? If God requires the inside to be as pure as the outside we try to portray, we have a lot to live up to in our inner man. Could most of us meet the demands we put on the appearance of our lives with our inner man? Seems to me, it is very hard to meet the criteria that we set for ourselves in light of what God requires. We almost have a fetish for looking "great" in front of man, but do we have that same requirement of how we present the inner man to God? Most of the time we fall short of that requirement. Remember, God doesn't say that we can't appear at our best outwardly, He just says that He requires us to at least equal, if not surpass, how we appear before Him. Our outward appearance to Him means nothing (in a spiritual sense) He looks on the heart. Man can't see our hearts, only the shining image that we portray. The inner man can be in total darkness and still present a glowing image to the world. God sees the heart. We can't hide what is inside from Him. Walk in the reality of who He is in you, not who we are to man.

Keep your spiritual eyes open for I will surely catch you in a non-expectant time.

Even though we expect His return and look for signs of His return, He says that He will come as a thief in the night. None of us sit up all night waiting for the thief to arrive, do we? The thief waits until he sees that you are no longer on the alert, but in your normal pattern of doing things before he shows up. Does God mean that the normal patterns of our lives are what He is looking for a readiness in? I think that we need to let the normal everyday things that we do reflect the awareness of His coming in our lives. We need to be expectant but not artificially so.

Sheep follow a voice but they also don't know which direction to run from the wolf. Only the voice brings peace to their scattered lives.

Sheep learn to know the voice of the Shepherd. They know it because they hear it giving them instructions and guidance. It is a voice that brings peace and calmness to them. They know that it is the voice of the one who feeds them. A Shepherd knows all of his sheep, he can tell one from the other. So it is with God. He is our creator and knows each one of us intimately. He wants to have that intimacy returned to Him by His sheep. When the wolf shows up at our door God wants us to know the voice of the Shepherd and respond to it. He wants us to know that we need to be within the sound of that voice in the time of trouble, not standing afar off where we are closer to the wolf than the Shepherd. If you run away from the wolf by your instincts only you will run in the direction of least resistance or one that is selected by your emotions at the time. Sheep do things at random, without plan or purpose. It is the Shepherd that makes and knows the plans. He is the one that selects the place to feed and the one who protects the fold at night. He carries a staff so that he might be able to reach into the thorny places and pull the sheep back to a place of safety. Let us know the voice of the Master and reside safely in His fold in these last days. He is seeking us from our thorny places.

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