Prophetic Word for America

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Just a quick note about this “word” I was given. For some time before this word I was quickened in my spirit about the urgency of it. I got the sense that there was a short time frame before we see events change and we have influence on that change. I don’t have a feeling for what it might be but, have a feeling of seeking God in the next 60 to 90 days over this word. Please share this as we need to replenish the spirit of a living God in our land.

Prophetic Word for America given to Elton Williamson 5/16/2020, 1:45PM

Woe to those that are not quickened in spirit, mind, and heart in the coming days. I have sent forth My Spirit to search out the spiritual hungry, to seek those that diligently desire to hear My voice in these days of turmoil. I desire to pour out My Spirit over your land, even in the shallowness that you have descended into as a nation. I desire to mend your brokenness, your division, the wanton destruction of the glory that was once your crown in days gone by. I wish to restore you again to that place of outreach, that place of stretching forth in My name and bringing restoration to the lost. I am a jealous God and will not be set aside for even the best of intensions, nor will I spread a veil of peace over your land in this time of turning and walking away from My presence.

Turn your eyes and your spirit away from the many distractions that surround you so you may see My grace waiting to embrace you. The enemy of your lands heart and soul is twisting and turning the truth as a tree in the wind. He is intent on bending what you know into what you will no longer recognize as a place of assurance, as a place of rest. The days for the restoration of My glory are numbered. Be not slack in putting your feet back onto the path of righteousness for the pathway is narrowing and grace shall soon be set aside for a time.

Seek Me as a nation and I shall pour out blessings and healing from shore to shore. I will lift you up so that you may survey the land from My perspective and know that I am God.

You have become an inward looking people, you have become stiff necked to My call and to My Kingdom. Both the strong man and the weak man hide their face from Me, but they shall not prevail in the short days ahead if you will allow My spirit to wash over your land. I will send a cleansing flood of glory over mountain and plain and cut off that which has come against Me. I will pour forth the light of My presence to reveal that which is moving in the darkness, hand in hand with the enemy of your spirit, but only as I am once again lifted up across the barren wastes of what used to be.

Without My grace the wicked shall overcome the faint of heart. They shall grab the oxen by the yoke and turn them from the fallow ground of your land, no longer tilling for the harvest. Do not be led by your mind in these days but by your spirit and the discernment that is planted in your communion with Me. Many say that your land is not My land in this day. Do not be discouraged and challenged to discord in this time of struggle. I am calling you to a place of joyful surrender, a land that is fulfilled with the greatness of My blessings. I am stretching forth My arms to embrace you once again as a land of purity, a land of peace and strength of heart. Do not make trivial the things of My Kingdom in these days, it will lead to the tearing down of the walls of security in your land. My people, cry out for your land while your collective voice may still be heard. Time is quickening and the day is coming when My ears shall suddenly not hear because of the abominations that fill the land. Count the days as numbered and lay the heart of your land before Me so resurrection may burst forth. Let the well springs of My Glory that are hidden in your land come together in a mighty voice, reclaiming the land that has been torn from the Kingdom.

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