Prophetic Word for America

Prophetic Word for America given to Elton Williamson 6/24/2020, 1:15PM

I hear your voice, but I do not hear your heart crying out in the darkness, there is no wrenching of your spirit in agony for your land. There is a spirit of disbelief, do you not know that I am standing before you with outstretched arms, ready to grapple with the foes that face you. This is a moment of determination for my people, it is a time for self-indulgence to be wiped from the land. It is a time for the brilliance of My Glory to be allowed to shine through the darkness. It is time to seek unity under the cover of My Kingdom. It is time for My Church to find a common place of inner reflection and allow Me into the streets, the highways and byways that have been given over to the worship of self-centeredness.

I have sent many voices to proclaim My grace and My power to restore the broken pieces of your land. They have been scoffed at and declared not relevant for the day. My hand is still extended but the grace over a defiant and self-willed land will soon spiral into an unknown place, a place where your land has not been. Your land was birthed in grace and blessed by the yearning for a safe-haven, a place for freedom and righteousness, birthed from the very soul of man. I say to you, do not partake of the evil intend of the enemy of your soul, but put Me to the test, honor Me and see if I will not send healing from shore to shore in your land. As you bow before Me in worship and reach out for the needs of your land, I will renew and restore the land that was given to you and you will light up the darkened places. You will see My hand at work in your land.

Be not afraid to declare My word as it is the salve that heals wounded relationships. It unites brother with brother in a time of trouble. It builds a wall around the enemy of your land and sends forth the arrow of righteousness into the heart of evil. It takes back the areas of loss and contention with those that surround you with corrupted intent. Even among My people I am grieved by dissension and the refusal to bend to My will in humble surrender. Surrender to My grace and find the glory that was once flowing across your land. Look to Me in coming days for you shall soon be enticed with twisted narratives of what is right in the sight of the Lord.

What can be shaken is about to be shaken and loss shall come without the uplifting of the spirit of the land. Upheaval of the solid places will bring a struggle and the face of evil shall been seen by all. Hide in My spirit for it shall be your comfort and your refuge. Be swallowed up by My presence and you shall know joy in troublesome times.

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