Prophetic Word for America

Prophetic Word for America Word given to Elton Williamson February 6, 2021 – 7:30pm

I call out across the land, “What is truth?” Is truth apparent across the land? Do my people know the truth? Is there any truth left in you? Truth as I poured over this nation in the beginning has been shattered. It has become a vacant and hollow echoing to cover the sin of self-indulgence. The truth has been ripped from view across the land, it has been hidden within the circle of evil that seeks to trample on my Word. Those in high places have committed to their own truth. I am looking for those that are ready to fearlessly stand before Me, those that are ready to become soldiers of light.

My heart has not vacated this land, I have not left you alone, I am not finished with the work of my hands in your land. Today I ask you to stand with me or to separate yourself from me in defeat. This is a day of reckoning as well as reconciliation. Watch, for I can change the landscape in a moment. With the wave of my hand darkness shall become light and all shall be exposed. The mighty shall be shaken, the steadfast shall no longer have a platform.

Again, I say “What is truth?” Every man shall soon know that I alone am the truth. I call out across this land with a heavy heart, where have you wandered, be not found with soiled garments in this day. As I bring truth across this land again, it shall cause weeping, it shall cause loss, it shall bring despair to the haughty, and the proud shall fall. Do not expect to know my ways as the plundering of this land is reversed. Do not stand in a dark place where truth has vanished for that place shall be quickened unto spiritual death as I upright the ship of freedom. Draw near to me and stand not in fear but stand in readiness. Let your eyes peer beyond the veil of false goodness, know that my time is not over in this land. Prepare for battle, prepare for harvest, prepare for restoration. Hold fast to the hope of tomorrow. I am “truth” says the Lord.

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