Prophetic Word for America Today!

Prophetic Word given to Elton Williamson to write down for America TODAY!.

Please feel free to copy this word and share with other members of the Body and pray for America.

This word was given to me some time ago but is for TODAY! I must preface this word with what the Lord was doing and showing me just prior to the receiving of this word. God was using a song to set the stage for what He wanted to bring forth. He was saying to me that He wanted to apply to America what was flowing out of the song "What a Healing Jesus." He wants to be the Healing Jesus of America, to heal the nation and take it under His wings. This song was written by a friend of ours, Mary Brown. The words of the song are:

"When walking by the sea, come and follow Me, Jesus calls. Then all through Galilee, the sick and the diseased, He healed them all. Jesus hasn't changed, His power is just the same as when He walked the shore, this God of yesterday is still the Healing Jesus, now and evermore. The Spirit of the Lord now is upon me, anointing me to heal the broken hearts, open prison doors, set captives free. To comfort those that mourn, fill their lips with praise, to pour the oil of joy that they may be called the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord. What a Healing Jesus I've found in You, what a Healing Jesus, You restore, refresh and renew. You're my Healing Jesus for such a time as this, Arise on healing wings, Sun of Righteousness."

The Lord then said that there were six things that He wanted the people of America to fully and urgently understand. He spoke with great urgency that:

1. "I am a jealous God." 2. "I am always nearer to you than you think." 3. "I require all of you - the giving of self to My task for these days." 4. "I require the inside of man to be as pure as the outside that he tries to portray." 5. "Keep your spiritual eyes open for I will surely catch you in a non-expectant time." 6. "Sheep follow a voice but they also do not know which direction to run from the wolf." "Only that voice brings peace to their scattered lives."

He then began to reveal a picture of America to me and it was totally covered by a thick blanket of smoke. As far as I could see there was smoke, dingy, and gray and oppressive. Turmoil was in it. He then brought forth the following word:

"My people prepare your hearts. Do not prepare the way that man prepares, for what is about to come upon this land, for what you are about to see take place, no man can prepare for. For what shall be released and what shall take place you need to be in My presence. You need to stand in a place of spiritual readiness, holiness, and righteousness. You are My people and you are My Bride and I have great love for you, I have great compassion for you. You must prepare, you must be ready, for surely the day will come when I will send forth the smoke and the fire. Surely the day will come when I will lay the land flat. I shall shake the mountains and I will lift up the valley's, I will cause the wind to roar and I will cause the sea to roll. My hand directs the elements; My hand directs the earth. Prepare, just as I have prepared and gave Myself to go to the cross, just as I willingly went for you, I ask that you willingly prepare for Me. I ask that you go and that you prepare to receive what I want to put into your spirit, what I want to put into your heart and your mind.

I ask that you begin to walk with an openness, and I ask that you begin to walk as an expectant people. I ask that you begin to walk in a separate place, apart from those who have striven to make a name for themselves. I ask that you walk in a place that is holy. I ask that you walk in a place where there is no condemnation. I ask that you walk in a place that is set aside from all that is not of Me. I want to bring peace into your heart and your mind and your soul and in your spirit in the time of trouble. I can only do what you will allow Me to do. I can only do what you have prepared in your own heart and spirit for Me to do. Do not be caught standing outside of My will in the day of trouble.

Soon My children, very soon you will see strange things take place in your country, you will see strange things moving across the land. Surely I say that soon you shall see things that you never expected to see and I say that unless you grab hold of My Spirit and you prepare now, fear shall grip your heart in that day. Panic will come upon you and that is not of Me. Yes, many will run in panic, many will flee because they do not know what to do but I wish all of My Spirit to be upon you in that day. I will cause rest; I will cause peace in that day. I will cause you to stand in the middle of the fire in the cool water of the Spirit. I will cause you to stand in the middle of the fire and feel no heat. You will see strange people from strange places, you will hear many cry out, you will hear many wailing in disbelief. You will see men ripped from the things that they have set aside unto themselves. I want you to know that there is a place that I have set aside, there is a place for you to reside with Me.

Listen, listen to Me, the day is coming soon, very soon, look on the horizon, see the changing of the wind, see the ebb and flow of the tide but know that My Spirit will always be with you and still, My judgement will come to many. Walk into My household; receive that which I have set aside for you. I will topple that which is not Mine. I will cut off, I will cut apart, and I will sever from My Kingdom that which does not belong to Me. I will cut off and I will sever, land from land and sea from sea. Search for Me for in Me there is peace, in Me there is rest. Labor for Me and allow your spirit to be lifted by Me. Let the cares of this world be set aside and let the cares of the Kingdom that is mine be yours. Listen children, I say again that coming shortly, coming soon will be a ripping and a tearing away in your land. I will leave no man standing who defies Me; I will leave no man standing who does not surrender to Me. I ask for purity, I ask for holiness, I ask that you be a Bride without spot or wrinkle. I am calling you today, I am calling you today to be a healed land, but I will not call you forever. I will release you into your own desires unless you turn to Me says the Lord.

I am sending My messengers throughout the land, throughout the earth. I am sending My messengers and they carry with them the tools of warfare and they carry with them the tools of battle. As you let them their purpose in this day and time is to distribute those tools of warfare and battle. They will come into your presence and they will equip you and they will pass on to you those things that you will need for the battle. Take what they give; receive what I have prepared for you to use. I have sent them everywhere. There are multitudes upon multitudes of them from My heavenly realm. They walk the land, they ask, and they search for those that are open handed and ready to receive the tools that I have prepared and set aside. Take as many tools as you can hold, grasp as many as you can handle. They will give you as many as you need for when the battle rages, you will stand and the tools of warfare that I have prepared and the tools that they have given to you will be the very things that you will cut the enemy asunder with. They will be the things that will allow you to stand where I have placed you. They will be the things that will cause you to have victory in the midst of trial and storm. Equip yourself now! Prepare yourself now! I have tools for all. I have tools of battle for all."

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