Prophetic Word for Church in America

Prophetic Word for Church in America given to Elton Williamson 8/3/2020

The fork in the road is at hand. The bruising of the Church shall continue as long as it stands in a distant place, seeking safety from afar. I shall gird you with truth, I shall pour mighty power into you, but you must be within reach. You must not just seek in this hour for many are seeking, you must begin to march in unison towards me. The time of battle has come, the dominion of your land is at hand.

Cry out with a loud voice, make your proclamation ring out across the land, it is time for the release of the authority within you that has been freely given away, leaving many standing alone. The enemy of your spirit has been unleashed, he has been uncovered and emboldened. Do not stand back in fear for it will grip you, it will render you powerless. You have been chosen for this hour, march into a place of restitution in My Glory, see if I will not support your weaknesses, turning them into burning stones of fire. The battle is not yours but Mine, I shall fulfill My Words, but you must enter in, you must know Me in greater measure, do not surrender and be faint of heart.

There will be bruising and there will be conflict for this is the drawing together of your enemy. It is the time of thrusting into the Church all that has lain dormant, that which the enemy has gathered together for this time. The slackness of many has left an open door, a place for the enemy to gather. Seek Me in fullness, seek Me as you run forth, out of the shadows and into the light of the fray.

I will meet you and I will render access to the heart of your enemy. Gather together, reach out for the victory that is already there, know that My hand will go before you, reaping a harvest in the midst of battle. I will not suffer destruction upon My Church in this hour. As you proclaim, as you march forward, as you become the head and not the tail, so shall you find relief in the camp of the enemy. I am your defender you shall not want as you draw a battle line before Me.

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