Prophetic Word for the Church in America

Prophetic Word for Body of Christ in America given to Elton Williamson 4/6/2020, 1:05PM

My beloved, My children, I am reaching out to you, I am calling forth in a loud and distinct voice in this time of trouble. My heart is broken with the many that do not seek me in a time of trouble. I see your brokenness and your desperation that has no place of comfort as you turn to man for the answer. My arms are open and I invite you into a fresh place of fellowship with Me. I am your true place of refuge and I am your salvation. I have been tugging at the heartstrings of your Nation but few have lent a hand.

As your land cries out in pain many continue to harden their hearts against me. Many seek to elevate themselves in this time of sorrow. Some will seek to proclaim themselves as the answer to your cry, but do not surrender your future to an unknown God. This is a time for a desiring of all of who I am. This is a time of narrowing in on My voice in your spirit. I say to you that your Land is at a turning point. The blood of many has washed this Land in times past so that you may be a free people, worshiping me in spirit and truth. Do not squander what I have placed in your care.

My children, fall to you knees before me, not in submission but in worship. Be not afraid to declare your heritage in My Kingdom for a time is quickly coming when harvest will cease. I desire that all should be well with you in this time of trouble but I am jealous with the attention of those that I hold next to my bosom.

The healing of your Land is within your reach. Take your place that I have called you to since I walked the shores of the Galilee. Again I say to you, do not squander that which I have given to this Land. I am your freedom. I am your salvation. I am your healer. Let no man place himself above Me in your heart. Do not turn your ear from side to side with many voices for the enemy of your soul will pounce in a time of trouble. You cannot listen to the voice of two masters and know the reality of who I am. Be still and know My voice, be at peace as you rest in Me and you shall see the glory of My works appear before you in this time of trouble.

I desire to restore your Land but the price is too great for many. Seek Me in repentance and I shall wash Your Land with a wave of My Spirit and My Glory. It shall be done according to who you are in Me.

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