Prophetic Word for the Church in America

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Prophetic Word for Body of Christ in America given to Elton Williamson 4/23/2020, 11:15AM

Turn your ear towards Me in the time of trouble. Have I not spoken to you over and over, relentlessly, just as the waves of the sea endlessly strike the shore. Few have opened the doorway of the spirit and many have said “not today.” The time is quickly approaching when the sea shall be calm and the voice shall be slackened. Will you cry out for that voice of redemption as anguish overcomes? Will you turn from the pattern of contempt for the things of My house? Will the pillar of your comfort sustain you as your trouble deepens?

I am calling you to bruise your knees before Me, not in wounded submission but in ardent prayer and worship. Obedience shall be your weapon of choice in this battle. I am calling you to renew your desire to be about your Kingdom call. I am calling for you to become an emissary of grace, glory and healing so that the outcast shall see Me. Look across the land, from sea to sea. The enemy of your spirit brings confliction and stagnation. He brings fear for the loss of your many spoils, the toiling of your earthly hands. Will they sustain you, will they comfort your soul in this hour?

I call you at this moment to seek Me anew, to entwine your heart with My very being. I call you to trust not in the things you can see but in that which you can only discern with a humbled spirit, depleted of worldly contamination. There is a harvest at hand. Much ground has been tilled since I walked the Earth. Eventually bread is made from the harvest so that you may feast on My goodness. That time is at hand, reap so that My Kingdom will flourish. Have no fear for tomorrow for I have already set tomorrow in motion. Step out in victory and know that I am God, know that I will prosecute those that come against you.

I will anoint your purpose as you stand firm on My word in your life. Let no man persuade you with twisted words of declaration or woo you with evil intent. He shall become the enemy of your soul in this hour. You have become a land that has allowed the spiritual ear to be deafened. There is a price to pay that leads to death for your spirit. Be not caught in panic but be planted in peace. It is My peace that shall carry you into and out of a time of trouble. It is in My peace that you can hear My distant voice. It is only when you hear that voice and turn towards Me that your land shall be healed. It is then that the fractures shall close and the blessings shall once again flow in your land. It is a time of sorrow and a time of celebration, which one will you choose? Rise up My people for the battle is at hand and your land stands in a precarious place of rise or fall. Bruised knees of obedience shall be a sign of your choice.

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