Random Thoughts

Have you ever just lain on your back on the floor, listened to good Christian music and tried to count your blessings? It’s hard at first but then the times of God's blessings begin to rush forth like a flood. You almost don't notice when the music is playing over and over again; God is refreshing your mind about His goodness and grace. Countless memories of His grace, protection, provision, and compassion will flood your spirit. You will be revived and refreshed, like having a fantastic night of sleep and waking to the most glorious day imaginable.

Do you ever think about how you would react if put to the test of having to make a choice between standing up for your God or being put to death? I know, not something we desire to think about but something many have faced before us. What if it was your family that was being held in the balance? Would that change your mind? You say, it sounds like an easy decision at this point. Will some of us have to make that choice? Many still are, are we ready for that? Scripture says, “that because of iniquity the love of many shall wax cold.” Are you determined that this will not be something that overtakes you? Are we currently in a time that this decision could be thrown up before us? Do we really comprehend the twisting roads ahead if our nation refuses to acknowledge God in our land?

Do you ever wonder what God could and would do with and in your life if you would surrender absolutely everything you have or ever will have to Him? I mean absolutely everything, nothing held back, nothing saved for yourself. Just His Will pouring from our lives. Would all of the imperfections be absent from our lives? What pathway would you be walking on today if it were His pathway alone, not ours? Would you accomplish more or less than you are now for Him? Would the temptations, provided by Satan, have the same effect on us as they do now? Is this what He means when He says He is coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle? Think about it, HE IS!

Do you ever try to imagine what Heaven will be like? Do you understand what it will be like for the Lion to lay down by the Lamb? Let your mind explore the possibilities in Heaven. Do you think that is even possible? Is it a place that you do not want to miss, or does it even matter to you? What does it feel like to walk on streets of gold? What will it be like to never again experience any kind of pain? No emotional pain and no physical pain. Do you think those in the Lake of Fire will wish they had listened and been ready at the unexpected moment they entered eternity? We don’t get a letter reminding us of the date and time of our scheduled trip into eternity, it just happens in a split second, done, over with and not to be rescheduled. At that given moment He will be reaching out to that Bride without SPOT or WRINKLE. Will that be you?

Do you ever think about that one thing you would do if it were possible for you to do? Does it line up with the Word of God? Does it profit the Kingdom of God? Is it for ourselves or is it for others? Do you have the courage to seek God and put yourself in a position to allow Him to birth that one desire in your life? Would it be a sacrifice for you, would it be a hard decision? I know, decisions are not always pleasant, they have consequences, either for good or bad.

Nothing happens by chance, we just make a tremendous amount of choices during our lifetime, even during just one day. Are the choices you are making today in line with God's perfect plan for your life? Are you allowing God's perfect will to be produced in your life from every small detail that seems unimportant to us at the time? Every choice forms another part of our future. Remember, our future is where we must walk tomorrow, there is no other choice after we are done with today? Strive to be without spot or wrinkle, God wants all of us today, no corners for the enemy to lurk in. Just some random thoughts.

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