Reason To Rejoice

As the “Bowl Judgements” end we see the fall and destruction of the Antichrist. I am not going to spend weeks of time on what happens as he is “taken out” by God. I would like though, to look at a reason to rejoice. What can we as believers look forward to, what gathers us up into a vast throng of saints, collectively praising and worshiping at the Throne of God, for eternity. Yes, the consequences for taking the “Mark” of the beast are being, so to speak, owned by Satan for eternity while eternity with Christ awaits the redeemed. So, let’s look ahead for the good news.

We can look forward to the millennial reign of Christ as a time of peace and prosperity. Many think it is the end all as far as trouble is concerned. Not true, there is still a time of trouble at the end of this great 1,000 years of peace and joy. Satan has been chained and removed to the bottomless pit during this time, but, he has not been destroyed yet. He is being detained while God establishes His Kingdom on earth for the next 1,000 years. For this period of time we have no more evil influence, no satanic deception to contend with.

Psalm 2:9 tells us that Christ will rule from Jerusalem with “a rod of iron,” but we will have peace, health and prosperity for this 1,000 year period. Scripture says that “nations” other than the remnant of Israel and those still alive that have rejected the Antichrist will be there. This will include “professing” Christians, those that missed the rapture, that somehow survive until this millennial age. Other than the “remnant” these will be those people that have passed through the “Sheep and Goat” judgement we spoke of earlier. These survivors will still be walking around in their earthly bodies, they are not resurrected saints. They will still have the sinful intentions of man, but Satan is bound and has no influence on them for this 1,000 year period. All will submit to God’s authority during this time.

We will live in a world with no wars, the curse from the Garden of Eden will be reversed. We will see health and vitality return to mankind as well as lifespan expanding. What a glorious time to look forward to as one who trusts in Christ. Scripture says He will teach us His ways, we will be learning at the master’s feet, what a privilege that will be. Also, don’t miss this, God said that we would have length of life as the trees He creates. No tears, no sorrow, just joy in Christ. The destruction that played out in the judgements poured over the earth will be turned back into a magnificent natural display of God’s creation that we can bask in.

Those born during the millennium will need to be “born again” but will have opportunity to find and know Christ because they are living with Him and learning from Him. Even so, some will not accept salvation, even in this time of God’s presence among us. See Jeremiah 31:34 for a reference to this. To those born at this time, the judgements of the past will only be a history lesson. They will need to make a choice of their own while living in a stress-free world. We can look at several passages in the Bible that detail how the earth will be restored to resemble the Garden of Eden. This is where we find the Lion laying down with the Lamb. Total peace, not destruction.

According to scripture both believers and those that were beheaded for opposing the Antichrist will be placed in a governing position, or place of authority during this time. They will be appointed to responsibilities of ruling and administration according to God’s will. The parable of the “Talents” would be a great example of this as God said He would make them rulers over many things.

As the millennial age closes, we find Satan released from the bottomless pit to roam the earth for a time of deception again. Scripture says he will go to the four corners of the earth and gather a following like the sands of the sea. Apparently, the heart of man is such that even holding onto your faith in the presence of a living God can be a struggle. Satan at this point amasses an army to come against Jerusalem in a last stand effort at dethroning God. Rebellion is short-lived and Satan is overcome by supernatural fire from Heaven. He is cast alive into the lake of fire to be tormented for eternity with his cohorts.

Why would God give Satan one last chance at those left on earth at this time? God is a God of impartial justice. He will not show favor to anyone but even require those that live in a time of no sinful or satanic influence to make a choice. Eternity with God or eternity with a tormenting brimstone filled hell. We can make the choice now or later, but I would surmise that few will be able to stand during the onslaught of judgements to come. What a great reason to make Christ your permanent destination today.

Have a great day.

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