Resurrection and Divine Retribution

Let’s take a look forward from the removing of the 5th seal, keeping the rapture as a

“Pre-Wrath” event. The exact moment is not shared with us but occurs after the midpoint of Daniels 70th week. We must remember that many of these events are taking place simultaneously, or in an overlapping way, and very rapidly. As we look ahead to the sixth and seventh seals being removed, Gods wrath will be proclaimed, it will be prepared, and it will be released in the Trumpet and Bowl Judgements. As the sixth seal is removed, the Wrath of God, the third major event of Daniels 70th week, is poured out. What might that look like for those that remain on earth. Remember, the saints, both past and present have been raptured Pre=Wrath.

We can see in the later part of Matthew that Jesus said that “immediately” after the tribulation supernatural and cosmic events would occur. He said the sun and moon would cease to give light. He says that the stars of the heavens would fall. The heavens and earth will be shaken, and the Trumpet sounds bringing angels to gather His elect or chosen ones into His glorious presence. These events will guarantee that all of earth will know what is taking place, it will be visible and swift. This gathering in will be include all of the deceased saints from all of history as well as any of those that have somehow managed to avoid the Antichrists cruel torment and demands to take the “Mark” of the beast. Far better to die for Christ than to try to survive in a Godless climate of Satanic influence in those days. These cosmic events bring forth the “sign of the Son of Man.” At this point any Godly influence is removed from the earth. Satan and the Antichrist can rule in unrestrained debauchery and cruelty. Not a time to try to stand your ground with no chance of peace to be found.

Let me interject here that there is another group of people that God gathers up during this time of tribulation and wrath. This is a group of people that according to scripture are, “able to stand.” They are 12,000 people from each of the twelve tribes in Israel, totaling 144,000 people. It says they will be sealed on their foreheads and that God will protect them from the wrath that is released, just as they were saved many times from their enemies in old testament days. This is in relationship to the fulfillment of the covenant promises God gave to Abraham and David. We can be assured that God always keeps His word. He is faithful and true. So, with the redeemed removed from the earth, the last seal is removed, and God speaks saying, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.”

We always read about heaven as being a place of constant praise and worship. It is always singing the glories of God. But, as the seventh seal is removed, Heaven goes silent for about half an hour. The creator of the universe is reading the vast list of sins committed against His people throughout history. There is a hushed silence, it is like the silence before a great storm. It is like no other time in the existence of mankind.

Next, we see seven angels approach the throne and they are given trumpets. These trumpets will be sounded to release the different judgements of God. At this time another angel approaches the altar, responding to the requests of the saints that have been martyred, (we talked earlier about them under the altar) casting coals upon the earth, warning of things to come upon earth. God is about to fulfill His promise to bring justice and avenge those that have been martyred. As the coals were flung to earth there were earthquakes, thunder and lightening and displays in the heavens.

While this is taking place, the seven angels are ready to blast their trumpets and release the “Bowl” judgements of God over earth. These are not all released at once. There is an increasing intensity as each judgement is released. Each plague, or event that is released is supernatural, sovereignly, and pointedly directed by God. It is after these seven “Bowls” are released that we finally hear God’s statement in Revelation 16:17, “It is done!” We can “seal” our fate now with our acceptance of salvation, walking in faith and trust in God through thick and thin, or we can “TRY” to survive on our own. As I said before, now is the time to make that choice. Coming up, what is released out of each of these bowls?

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