Spiritual Stamina

Are you training for the long haul in your spiritual life or are you just a sprinter? Nothing wrong with the sprinter but they are not trained to endure the pain of the protracted run. They are trained to burst forth for the moment only. God calls us to endure to the end. That takes preparation. Guess what? Our prayer life is a major part of that preparation. Prayer should be the center of the life of a Christian. If we are breathing we can be praying. Many find prayer a hard habit to get into. Some think it is a mystical thing and can't bring it into the reality of their own life. Prayer can communicate from our heart and spirit at any moment. Prayer can flow from the heart just like water flows over a dam. It can be the overflow of the spirit, pouring out to God with our praise, admiration and our needs. Prayer builds us up and brings blessings and fruitfulness in our lives. It is the place of securing the heart and ear of the Father. We can strengthen the stamina of our spiritual life and not become a one and done spiritually. Your prayer life is a training ground for your future.

In Genesis Chapter 18 Abraham was interceding with the Lord for the people of Sodom for the long haul. His intercession was presented with a knowledge of God’s character and long suffering. He was close to God. He knew who he was dealing with. We need to know God in that same way. We need to know how to approach Him in preparation for the long haul. The more we know about God the more we build our spiritual stamina.

Moses showed unselfish long haul spiritual stamina in interceding with the Lord for a “stiff-necked people.” The golden calf was quickly becoming their one and done sprint. They had not prepared to run for the long haul. What looked good for the moment did not take as much spiritual stamina as trusting in God. How about Joshua and his warriors? They stood in the gap and contended for nothing less than God’s intervention in their circumstances. No short run but an intentional digging in to bring triumph for the long haul. Faith, prayer and intercession is the preparation for victory.

When we strengthen our prayer life and determine to be in the race for the long haul, amazing things happen. Look at what happened in Isaiah Chapter 36. God answered the determination to be in for the long haul in astounding fashion. God’s power against the enemy as we forget the one and done and persevere for Godly intervention is amazing. Against all odds the Assyrian hoard was taken out, one hundred eighty-five thousand corpses overnight. Do not be slack in contending with God in the midst of your struggles. He is more than able. He is looking for those that prayerfully build their stamina for the days ahead. God wants to link His mercy with your needs. He is looking for you to stand in the gap.

As we seek God and pray we build our inner strength and character. We permanently fix God’s very nature in our minds. We allow our emotions and minds to train for the long haul, trusting God and not the chatter around us. As our spiritual stamina increases prayer will become our weapon of choice in a storm. Debate and arguing with God will no longer be the proving ground of our faith. As our faith builds God’s holy fire will fall. Something happens when we surrender all before Him. We step back and make more room for His intervention in our life. We find deliverance. We even find it hard to comprehend what God is doing as we continue to build our spiritual stamina. We think with our human minds while God is pouring out His blessings and victories from the abundance of His spirit.

Weakened faith that is only trained for the sprint will many times try to manipulate the answers we get from God. As we strengthen our spirit we move more and more under His covering. Training for the long haul will bring God’s satisfaction into your life. It will bring contentment, knowing that God is in control. Look at the Lord’s Prayer, it covers what we seek in life. We need to make a decision to be the long haul runner in life. Ask God for His presence and joy. As we prayerfully train for the future we can expect His answer to unfold in our lives. Be encouraged and make a choice to not just train for the sprint over and over and over in your life. Be no longer one and done but eternally empowered by spiritual stamina in a life of prayer and intercession.

Have a great day.

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