Spiritual Vitamins

What is the greatest spiritual vitamin of all? I am here to say that it is God’s Word. The Holy Spirit inspired Word of God nourishes our very being to overflow with spiritual vitamins. God gave us His word and He gave us His Son. He said in Matthew 4:4, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. We find it hard to have Christian growth and health without having His word before us and in us.

God said to "search the scriptures, they testify of Me,” in John 5:39. His written word sets our schedule of life, our very standards are laid out for us. His word speaks to our faith, morals, practical living, our holiness and our worship of Him. He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us, the same Holy Spirit that inspired the writers to pen God's words. Just like the many vitamins and supplements that feed the many systems and organs of our body, so the “word” nourishes the many areas of our spiritual life. Not one area of need in the realm of our daily life lacks for a spiritual vitamin in God’s word. It is all inclusive for every ailment of our inner man.

When we search His word for the nuggets of our life it is not merely God’s word, but THE word of God. He creatively put forth every word from His heart, impacting mankind with the most awesome spiritual power building nutrients imaginable. God’s breath literally flowed through the Holy Spirit into the scriptures for our strengthening. From beginning to end it is complete and trustworthy. Earthly vitamins have all kinds of stamps of approval but no guarantee to bring results. Our spiritual vitamins are stamped by the hand of a living God. They can be trusted and guaranteed to build you up and empower you. We are spiritually dead unless we partake of what God has spread before us. Spiritual vitamins are ours for the taking and best of all the price has already been paid. Just think, the building blocks of our life setting there for us to avail ourselves of.

Our bodies without vitamins do not survive very well. We invite all kinds of ailments when we are undernourished. Our spiritual life is the same only the consequences can be far more devastating, eternal spiritual malnutrition. We have “natural” instincts to sin, to not build our spiritual life up to strengthen it. We fight a spiritual battle that we can win with the digesting of God’s spiritual vitamins. Guess what? You can’t overdose on them, they won’t harm you. Others will notice the positive difference in you.

Growth in our life is brought about by our intake of God’s word, letting the scriptural vitamins strengthen the stand we take in this world. It allows us to face the enemy of our soul in victory, not fear. We begin to walk daily in the word of God, not the word of man. Ever notice that when you don’t follow the plan He has placed before you, you are weakened in spirit. Time to vitamin up, get back in shape. We are made in His image and it is not one of frailty, it is one of strength, power and spiritual agility. Be strong, be ready to stand up where you are and confirm who you are in Christ. The Word can shape us and mold us if we partake of it. As we share His spiritual vitamins with others it changes their lives as well as fulfilling our inner desires.

We need to truly absorb His Word and let it liberate us. We need to hide it in our hearts for the day is coming when we may not have His Word except in our hearts. Did you know that our bodies can produce vitamins from what we eat? Let us make sure we can also produce spiritual vitamins from the depths of our mind and spirit when all else fails. We need to be able to reach into our spiritual medicine cabinet at any moment, availing ourselves of His Word. Be encouraged for all you have need of He has stored in your cabinet.

Have a great day.

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