Sprouting Seeds

I was looking outdoors today and saw pollen and seeds all over the ground. Got to thinking, what happens to all of those seeds, there are so many. There are many references of seed in the Bible. Gen. 3:15 is about the seed and it calls "Jesus" the seed. In Luke it declares that the Word of God is a seed. It even talks about a mustard seed, letting us know that it only takes a very small amount of faith to build on and let it become a mountain of faith. A Mustard seed is not only small, but it is the only seed that can not be a hybrid. It is pure and cannot be mixed with others. It is pure, undefiled, and untainted by outside influences. That is just how God wants our seed of faith to be. He wants the seeds that we plant in our life to be that way. God will honor our faith and cause it to grow like the mustard seed, pure and mighty. Our small faith does not limit God; it gives Him a chance to increase the seed of faith we have planted. It is that small sowing of the seed of our faith that guarantees fruitfulness and harvests are coming in our lives. Sowing and reaping are written in the laws of God's creation.

It speaks in God’s word that there is a law at work in our lives concerning the seeds we plant in Him. It says there is a seedtime and harvest, 24/7. It says it shall not cease. That means the seeds of your life will never stop growing in Christ. What you sow will have great impact in your future as well as eternally. God expects us to plant the best seeds we have but in doing so we can expect the best of harvests in our life. We sow, God grows, we reap. We do not sow as a means to an end, but we sow in joy and faithfulness to God. The harvest increase is His blessing to the laborer of the field. In Exodus the sowing of good seed even brought physical benefits. God said, “… For I am the Lord who heals you.” We can plant the best seeds of our servanthood, our grace to others, our worship, our finances, and many other attributes of our lives. God will grow our life into a great harvest. All we have to do is give that “smallest” of seed to Him so that it might be nurtured into a bountiful harvest.

We have a God of abundance, unlimited resources, and they are made available by His grace. God has a way of getting your needs met and your problems solved. The ground floor of His redemption in the barren fields of your life are rooted in your faith becoming a seed that is allowed to sprout and blossom into harvest, His harvest for you. Again, in Matthew 17 we see the mustard seed faith doing the impossible. It is that faith God was referring too when He said, … “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” Oh, bye the way, God says all things in due season. He is saying that if we plant bad seeds, we will reap what we sow, bad results in our lives. Sounds to me like He put us in charge of what we can expect from what we do!

Time after time we see in scriptures how God causes the seed of the harvest to be much greater than was asked for. Look at the catch of fish the disciples ended up with, overloaded for sure. The overflow of the harvest even blessed those around them. Our faithfulness can bless others. God is not asking us to plant what we don’t have, just the little mustard seed we do have. Offer up to Him only what you have and let Him prosper the seed into harvest. Maybe all you have at the moment is a seed of prayer, a seed of forgiveness, a seed of love or joy, whatever it might be. In our current situation with a pandemic around the world we can surely find many places to sow our seeds of faith. Remember, God first sowed seeds for our lives in John 3:16 --- “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Let’s make Christ the role model of the harvest cycle of our lives.

Have a blessed day.

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