Squeeze Me Lord!

Do you ever think about how much your heavenly Father wants to overflow you with His love and mercy? I don’t think we really have a clue as to how much He is waiting to bless us, only held back by our doubt, unbelief's and lack of surrendering to His will and word. There is a lesson we need to learn, and we can learn it from the good old kitchen sponge. What am I talking about? You know that flimsy thing that we are always squeezing and getting dirty and then trying to rinse it clean again. It is a miracle that it even keeps its shape the way we treat it.

What happens to us when we go to Camp Meetings, Renewals, Retreats or Revivals? We soak up God like a sponge. We take in everything we can, longing for more. How does that affect us as we get back into our normal routine? Do we allow that experience to be squeezed out over others or do we just let it set and gather dust again?

God has a way of squeezing us until there is nothing left that is of us, making room for the inflow of all that He is as He releases us and the Holy Spirit quickly flows in to fill what has just been emptied of self. It is only as we allow Him to squeeze us that the pure living water can be poured back into us.

What we soak up into our spiritual sponge is like a spiritual protein. It makes us strong, it builds our endurance, it allows us to face life on a level plane. We are not up and down in Him but ever walking upward and forward in His Kingdom. The more we soak His spiritual purity into our sponge the more our attitude changes. It is those changes that can make us either a victorious Christian or a defeated person.

He does not want us to be pouring out over others all of the dust and dirt that we have soaked up in our lives. He wants us to be squeezed out by Him, in purity, over many other lives so that they may be touched by Him. Until we have a pure flow of Him going through us, we do not allow the best to be poured over others. As God squeezes our sponge, He is helping us to involve ourselves with others. He is helping us to encourage, guide and confront those around us. He is showing us our responsibility for today and tomorrow. He is reinforcing our commitment and our unconditional love for Him.

Don’t try to get away from the squeezing; it eventually becomes a blessing to you. Allow the Father to use you for His purposes and His glory. Let His process keep you in a place of purity and freshness. He will keep you, as you trust Him. Be squeezed, be cleansed daily, soak up new living water and pour yourself out over others. God will reward you as you walk in His calling for you, across the street or across the world. Let’s do our part, be a pliable sponge, He has always done His part.

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