The Lamb and the Scroll

As we continue with what John observed, there are two other elements of the Throne Room. One is the Scroll With Seven Seals and the other is the Revelation of the Lamb Of God. Taking a closer look at these elements and what they may mean will give us better insight into the rest of the events in the remainder of Revelations. Hopefully, we will continue to get a better picture of where we are on God’s timeline concerning current events that surround us today.

So, John’s attention is drawn to a Scroll with seven seals. He notices that it has writing on both the inside and outside of the scroll. In John’s time it would be the norm to only write on the inside of the scroll since it would keep the writing protected. If there was a shortage of parchment it could be used on both sides but, in Heaven I doubt there is a shortage of anything! More likely it was because the scroll contained an enormous amount of recorded material. Being sealed with seven seals told John that it was of utmost importance. Anything with seven seals in his day was only too be opened by someone with great authority. It also was a form of security. Interestingly, the Greek word for scroll used here is the word that our English word “Bible” comes from.

In Ezekiel we see a similar scroll, except the one in Revelations is sealed and the Ezekiel one is not. The Ezekiel scroll was filled with lamentations, mourning and woe. We can assume the sealed scroll is for the future but contains similar recordings. We read that there was no one to be found to be worthy to open the scroll. We can assume that it contains the sins of mankind throughout history. It is probable that it contains the record of judgements that are to be poured out upon those who are living in the last days. As the seven seals are undone, we can see how this unfolds. It says that heaven and earth were searched to find someone to take the scroll from the hand of God and remove the seals. Finally, one of the elders informs John that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will remove the seals.

The other element that takes place is that John is introduced to Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Although He is referred to 27 times in Revelations as the Lamb of God, He is referred to only once as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He is seen as the sacrificial Lamb but on returning for His bride He will come as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We serve both a merciful and caring God but also one that rules with power and authority. In the times we live in and in coming days I suspect that we will see both aspects of God portrayed.

Again, an elder explained to John that Jesus would open the seven seals of the scroll. He had prevailed over sin and death and was faultless, allowing Him to avenge the saints that had been persecuted since the beginning of time. So, John took another look at the Lion and saw a Lamb. The slain Lamb he saw was for all time, yesterday, today and forever. The atoning blood of Christ is forever, even in the corrupt world of today.

The moment Jesus reached forth and took the scroll from God, all of heaven went prostrate and worshiped Him. John then heard the voices of millions of angels in adoration and worship. Can you imagine what that must have sounded like? One day soon we will have that opportunity, I can’t wait! Jesus said that in the last days the world would be subjected to times of chaos. He said we would see wars, plagues, and supernatural judgement from God. The scriptures also speak of times of great tribulation before the church is raptured and the day of God’s wrath begins. The good news for today is that God is in control. Remember the “control room?” He is in charge. Remember, the redeemed will reign as kings and priests with Him, not because we are worthy, but because the Lamb of God was worthy to take the scroll and loose its seven seals. Rejoice in tough times my friends for your redemption draws nigh.

We have looked at what John saw in the Throne Room and we can look forward to seeing what is revealed about our future from what he saw.

Have a great day.

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