The Last Word

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

What can we say, this is not the greatest of times. I am sure that we are all eager to get back to a "NORMAL" pace of life. As we check the news and read all the depressing virus articles that bombard us currently, it can be overcoming.

I pray that everyone, everywhere, is able to get a fresh breath of air, relax for a moment and know that in the end God is in charge. He is The Last Word! Yes, it is a struggle in the middle of this mess but let the hand of God reach out and bring comfort to your spirit. In the midst of our inconveniences we find it irritating to stop and think of the myriads of people that are far worse off than ourselves. Take heed because after every dark night the sun rises in all of it's glory, spreading warmth and light. God said He would never leave or forsake us. He numbers the hairs on your head so surely He keeps His hand on us in this crisis.

I challenge us all to spend some of extra time we have currently and just sit with God in a quiet place, allowing Him to calm our spirit and mind. Focus on someone besides ourselves that He may place on our heart and watch what He does. This is an opportunity for us to witness the workings of a miracle working God. Let's use this interruption in life to get a greater understanding of where we are on God's calendar and who He is in our lives today.

If you need prayer please email us and we will be happy to pray for you. Have a blessed day in Him but remember, He is the last word.

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