The Open Door

I want to continue looking at where we are today, where do we think we are on God’s timeline into eternity? Can we pinpoint the time or can we just know the season? God left a detailed roadmap in Revelation if we just take time to dig into it. There are all kinds of different thoughts and opinions that have floated in and out of the “church” realm for centuries but, let’s try to stick to scripture to find where we are. I would like to start with chapter 4 of Revelations for now. We need to understand that this book is divided into 3 sections. John was instructed to write about these 3 things, “the things which you have seen,” that would be chapter 1 for reference. Next was, “the things which are,” and then “the things which will take place after this.” So, chapter 2 and 3 contain the second time John was to write about and the 3rd is the remaining chapters of Revelation.

It is “the things which will take place after this,” that I will try to address in the postings for the next few times of inspired writings. Looking ahead with scripture as our guide we can get a glimpse of the last 7 years of history, a description of what the millennial reign of Christ might be like as well as the final judgement of man and the eternal blessings prepared for those that are saved. Before all of that comes, John gets a look through the “open door” of heaven to see exactly who is in control of events that will soon unfold. There was an open door that John was being called to pass through, allowing him to see what must take place. Cannot imagine the intensity of the moment for John, stepping into what God was revealing for him to share with us. As I look at our current situation today, I truly believe we are in a time of transition here on earth. I believe Satan is launching an all-out aggressive effort to drastically increase his domain in these last days. I also believe that today’s events are a calm before the storm time, a time to reflect, a time to replenish our resolve in Christ. It is a time to prepare for what might be close at hand on God’s timeline. I believe it is a time when God is standing with arms wide open, saying, look around and see that I am your salvation. Put your trust in Me for the time of gathering is at hand. The sickle of harvest is soon to be laid to rest, away from the field.

I find it interesting that John saw an open door. Doors are mentioned several times in scripture, both open and shut. There are references to Jesus Himself being “the door.” We also find Him referred to as “the door of the sheep,” as well as “the judge standing at the door!” John had the awesome experience of being transported through that open door “in the spirit” and brings us a glimpse of what to expect, according to the choices we make today. We cannot say we haven’t been warned. Where are we on the road to eternity? Are we standing in Christ or are we standing with one foot in His Kingdom and the other firmly planted on the things of earth? The truth of the matter is that we cannot stand with one foot in each. It is folly to think that we can survive the days ahead with that mindset. I believe God is earnestly calling us into a place of separation unto Him, a place where we can be guided by His Spirit more than ever before. A place where His whisper to our spirit will lead us around the pitfalls that are opening up as we progress in a quickened manner to His Glory.

As John was called through the open door, it was with the voice of a trumpet. The trumpet is an instrument that can be heard easily and clearly, it has a place throughout scripture. It announces and declares. It starts battle and it sounds the victory. As I started this Blog called “Blow The Horn,” and the tagline, “Can you hear it in the distance?” I was and am trusting God to help us to take the stand He has called us to take in this time of preparation. Let us be in tune with what God would have us discern from what He has laid out in scripture since it will become our survival manual in the closing days of time. Look for your "open door."

Have a good day.

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