Hold Fast America, Be Faithful

Wow, look at where our country is today compared to six months ago! It is extremely hard to comprehend how fast things have changed. The mightiest power in the world brought to its knees in short order. No war, no invasion, no rising up of the people, just a virus from the unknown. Why, what do we do, is there a way out? Let's take a look at this place called America. I absolutely love this country and am proud to be called an American, but, we have went astray somewhere along the journey. I would like to take a biblical look at America in chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation. Can we see America in these chapters? Remember, this applies not only to America but to every individual believer today.

In these two chapters God has directed that letters be written to seven churches about their condition. Four of them fell into the area of being "compromised churches". Today I believe both America (as a whole) and the "Church" (mostly) has fell into the same trap of the enemy. What are some of the things that God was pointing out that applies to us today? Jesus called these "The Things Which Are," in other words the condition we are currently in. Each of these four churches were commended for some good they had done, just as our country stands for much good in this world. But, there was a rebuke where they had went astray from Gods pathway. Major item, they had lost their first love. He meant they had quit placing God at the forefront of all they were. Is God given the number one spot in America, in our own lives? Do we as a nation do good works in the name of God or as a sense of pride and accomplishment? God has given us charge over vast abilitys to do good works, but in His name not ours. Only done in His name is He glorified. God said He would remove them as a "witness" without repentance. (Revelation 2:5) "I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place - unless you repent." Notice the word QUICKLY in there. God wants our first love as a nation and as a church.

One of the other rebukes was the fact that they had begin to give credence to other voices that opposed what God had established in their midst. Again they set aside their first love and began to believe a lie. They set self control aside and did as they pleased, much the same as we see today. Then and today, we use GRACE as a tool to do as we please. Grace is not a license to indulge in sin, but it is the power of God to live a holy life. The remedy for America and the church is the same, Repent! God has warned that if we fail to heed His word of correction, He would suddenly come against us. It means that He loves us enough to get our attention and show us mercy and grace as we repent.

One of the other main issues was the love of and the lust for the things of this world. Not only had the first love for the Father been set aside but it had been replaced by a multitude of "THINGS." When Jesus was speaking in Luke He said about the seed, (insert country or yourself) "...choked with cares , riches, and pleasures of life, and bring no fruit to maturity." There is nothing wrong with money and things, they are blessings not our Gods. Relying on them erodes us into a false sense of security. We lose our trust in God and put it into what we can do with our own hands. The enemy will ease us into this position without even realizing it, all because we lose that first love.

Has our nation lost that first love? Have we as a people lost that first love? Has the church as a whole lost that first love? As a country and as a people we tend to think that we can take care of ourselves. We have no need for a Creator, we have no need for a Savior, we have no need for a Heavenly Father. I ask, what has that led us to, what has that gotten us? As a church and as believers we need to shake off the shackles of despair in our time of trouble and once again get into a intimate, first love relationship with our heavenly Father. Let our knees be bowed down in prayer bringing our nation back into the place of a first love land.

We are in a battle and must fight with the sword of the Spirit. We need to understand that we don't need to go out every day looking to battle the enemy for victory. We need to go out every day IN VICTORY. There is a big difference at how we approach our day if we do that. God has already won the victory. It is our job to carry that victory into every facet of our daily life. Be God focused, let's put God back at the helm of our nation. Remember the words of the old hymn, "there is no other way, but to trust and obey." Eternity with Christ is worth the price of a FIRST LOVE life in Him.

Have a blessed day.

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