Tipping The Bowls

There are many, many insights, and details that we could spend weeks and months on in continuing through Revelation, but I recommend you read much of them for yourself. For example, chapter 12 for good background on Israel in the last half of Daniel’s 70th week. Look at “The Woman," (Israel) “The Child," (Jesus Christ) and “The Dragon" (Satan). This will give you a quick overview of the history of Israel as well as Christ’s ministry from birth to His reign during the millennium.

As the 7th seal is released, we see a more complete and final wrath of God poured forth. The previous seals released limited or partial wrath with the purpose of not only wrath, but the drawing into the Kingdom those left on earth that would not repent. This last seal released has finality to it. This last seal sends forth 7 bowls of God’s wrath, leaving the earth in total ruin. It announces the “Kingdom rule of God” and “the fullness of the Gentiles.” Those who are going to repent do so and the remaining people on earth are forever committed to the Antichrist. These “wrath bowls” are quickly poured out in succession. Scriptures tell us that this all takes place in a period of twenty six days.

The first bowl poured out contains “Foul and Loathsome sores.” This affects only those that have NOT received the “mark” of the beast. The scripture states this sore in the singular, not the plural. Would be interesting if actually it is the “mark” that becomes this foul sore. God will have His retribution.

As we see the second bowl poured out, it turns ALL the seas into, “blood as of a dead man.” The blood of a dead man turns thick, it turns a very dark color and has a great stench. Nothing will be able to live in the seas as this takes place. The smell will reflect the outlook of those remaining on earth that reject Christ.

The third bowl poured out brings the same blood to all fresh-water rivers and springs. Those remaining on earth will have to struggle for sources of water elsewhere, perhaps digging in the soil for water.

The fourth bowl poured out finds “mankind scorched with burning heat.” Combine the intense and increasing heat from the sun with the lack of fresh water and you have a chaotic scene on earth. Even still, scripture says people will curse God and not repent. The Antichrist spirit has consumed their soul.

The fifth bowl poured out is over the throne of the beast and brings total darkness, both physically and spiritually. Scripture says that it will be so severe that people will gnaw their tongues. As these judgements take place there is no indication that any will turn from the worship of the Antichrist and repent. Those that choose Christ have done so.

As the sixth bowl is poured out, we see the Euphrates river dry up, making way for armies to march towards the Battle of Armageddon. This allows the “kings from the east” to head towards Israel, joining armies from around the world to oppose the arrival of Christ and His Kingdom. Scripture says that the carnage will be so great that it will take those who live in Israel seven months to bury the dead and seven years to destroy or bury all of the battle material left on the battlefield. The judgement of God is just and permanent. It brings finality to the earth as we know it.

Satan, the Antichrist, and their cohorts will be making a last=ditch effort to derail the promises of God during these times to avoid eternal damnation. They need to make sure that the promises of God with Israel and the Jewish people are severed and broken, thus their final drive to defeat the Kingdom of God.

Finally, the seventh bowl is poured out and there is a loud voice declaring, “It is done!” This is followed by great earthquakes, thunder, and lightning. These are to the extent that has never happened before. It says that cities and nations fall, islands flee away, and mountains are not found. Total destruction has arrived. Huge hailstones weighting as much as 100 pounds will cascade down upon those running for cover. Very few of those that reject Christ will survive, but those that do will then face the Sheep and Goat Judgement. Events in Matthew 25:31-46 will declare the separation of the wicked from the righteous.

Make your place in God’s Kingdom sure and steadfast. We have no assurance of days to countdown before tribulation truly begins. Separation from Christ will make life pointless and almost impossible to survive in a darkened world. Become His light today and brighten someone’s future.

Have a great day.

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