Trumpets of Purpose

To review, we have seen the sixth seal removed and the announcement of God’s wrath is given. We see the seventh seal removed and we know that the wrath of God is prepared and that seven angels will blast their trumpets, each in turn releasing a segment of God’s wrath on earth. Let’s take a look at what can be expected if you remain on earth at that time. Trials and tribulations that we have been through in life will not only pale in comparison to what will occur but will be utterly unimaginable to the human mind. This will not be a time to test the grace of God. Those remaining have literally turned their backs on God, but His hand is still outstretched with a way to eternity in Him as we shall see later.

OK, the first angel blasts the trumpet and the wrath of God goes forth with 1/3 of the vegetation of the earth destroyed. There is hail and fire falling from heaven. It is mingled with blood as it is thrown to earth. This is not what I would call a pleasant day in the park. As a result, 1/3 of the trees are burned up and, ALL of the green grass is burned up. For those that tend to worship nature rather than God it will be a stark reminder of who God is in my opinion. I am sure that there will be an attempt to explain this away as an extreme weather event and not give credence to the hand of God, although blood mingled in will be hard to explain. This blood raining down is likely retribution for the blood of the saints that was shed by the Antichrist. (those we saw under the altar crying out) This certainly will make the food supply a crippling issue, people will become even more desperate. God is still holding out His hand, calling for those that have not yet taken the “Mark” of the beast to repent while there is time. Just as the Pharaoh in Egypt hardened his heart at Gods mercy, so will most of those remaining at this time.

The second angel blasts on the trumpet and something that John called, “as resembling a great mountain burning,” was released. It plunged into the seas and 1/3 of the seas and the life in it were destroyed. The seas also became blood and 1/3 of all the ships in the seas were destroyed. Today we are warned by many in authority that we are in peril of great asteroids colliding with earth. This will be a great explanation at the time since God will not be brought up or His power acknowledged by authorities. Something so great falling into the vast expanses of the seas can certainly create tsunamis with the ability to swamp and overturn ships. God is striking the things that man worships and places his trust in, nature and the economy rather than Him. Again, He is looking for those that will repent in the face of His wrath.

Next the third angel blasts the trumpet and now 1/3 of all the fresh water on earth is devastated with a toxic pollution. Scripture says a “star,” which could be an actual star, or an angel is released. God named the stars after creating them and this one is called “Wormwood.” It says the waters are made bitter and many die because of it. Water is life giving, it is necessary for life. Notice that each trumpet blast brings a more intense pressure on people to repent. The word wormwood is also used in Lamentations to describe great sorrow and grief.

So, as the fourth trumpet is blasted forth by the angel, we see 1/3 of the heavens affected. It says that 1/3 of the sun, moon and stars were darkened, they ceased to give out light. Also 1/3 of the day and the night were shortened. The light of God was decreased, and the heavy darkness of evil will be felt. Again, the things that man has tried to worship in the replacement of God will be part of His wrath in that day. God is a jealous God. Something else takes place with this trumpet sound, an angel goes forth throughout heaven declaring, woe, woe, woe to the people on earth. Three woes are issued. The angel is actually warning that the last three trumpet blasts will bring far greater affliction to the remaining people of earth. It will now go from concerning nature to directly impacting mankind. These are “woes” you would not want to witness in person. The infinite mercy and grace of God is without measure, and even today we fail to put it in perspective with our daily lives. Let us draw ever closer to our Heavenly Father, becoming that light on the hill as times grow more rebellious towards the Kingdom of God.

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