Unbridled Glory

God's glory is awesome to behold. In Revelations it says that in the City of God there is no need for the sun or moon because God’s glory illuminates it. Have you ever just been in His presence and felt His glory begin to surround you? It seems to encompass and intensify every emotion that we as humans have. You feel the charge of what seems to be like 2000 volts of electricity surging through you and at the very same time you have the most incredible peace flowing around you and through you. You want to run, jump, yell and praise the Lord to your utmost, but you don't move or make a sound. There is a powerful reverence and quiet holiness to His presence. Guess what? - You have just stepped into the Glory of God. Imagine being in that realm for eternity. You are literally in His very presence, that very place where He wants to share with each of us.

It is not understandable or comprehensible with the human mind and even hard too fully realize in our spirits. It is where we are totally immersed in Him. It is to be intimately entwined with His Spirit so that we no longer have even the slightest fear of where He may take us. We can be there if we will just shake off all of our preconceived ideas of Him and step into His place of residence.

What does the word "Glory" mean? In almost all the definitions I could find the word "Majesty" is included. There are many facets contained, such as His beauty, power, authority, wealth and honor, all the things that make up God's character.

The word "Glory" plays out in three themes in the Bible.

1 It is used in the terms of God's moral beauty and perfection concerning His character and the divine quality of being beyond our understanding.

2 It is spoken of many times as a visible presence. Although it is not a substance to be seen and handled many times God revels His glory and perfection to us in visible ways. It is displayed in different ways such as; fire, light, and act of power, the Red Sea crossing, His glory in the tabernacle and countless other examples. Since moving from the Old Testament into the New Testament Christ has become the main focus of God's glory. It is also reflected in us, the body of Christ. That divine glory is being shared with those that follow Him (John 17:5-6 & 22)

3 Praise is the other theme of His glory. We honor Him and glorify Him with our audible praise. (Psalm 115:1 & Rev. 5:12-13)

The glory of God is supernatural. It goes beyond what we can think or imagine. His glory has the power to restore, heal, to set free, to bring forth life and to slay. We can find all of these examples in the scriptures. Look at your own life, at the many times the glory of God has been a life changer for you. Look at how His glory has brought the supernatural into your circumstances. His glory is also a place where He speaks His heart to our heart. He can exhibit His glory in us in any way He chooses. It follows that since His glory is supernatural many of the manifestations of that glory to us are also supernatural. We need to understand that He will reveal it in any way He sees fit for the moment. It will not always be according to what we think may be right or wrong. God is not ordinary and He does not deal with us in an ordinary way. Don’t expect the normal, expect the supernatural in your relationship with God.

God says He will pour His glory over us so it then follows that all of the attributes of His glory can or will be poured out over us as well. Wow, think of all of the things in the scripture that came out of His glory, those are being poured out over you and I. According to the Bible He hasn't changed since the beginning of time. The world believes in the supernatural. How much more should we as believers not just believe in, but live in the supernatural power of God. We should expect His glory to be poured out upon us, but to have it happen we must put ourselves in a position to receive that glory. There is a responsibility on our part to receive. Just as Priest's entered into His presence and glory in the Old Testament we today need to enter into His presence daily. When we enter into His presence we enter into a place of great power. Look at what happened to those that entered in the Old Testament without being pure and having their lives cleansed. It was costly, it cost them their all. We need to have a pure and Priestly walk before Him

As we walk in holiness and purity today we will see God’s glory manifest before us. It may come in ways that we have not experienced before or ways that seem strange to us. God is at work doing His will in our lives. We need to not be put off by what we can't explain in Him but to be extremely discerning in our spirit and know from whom the manifestation is coming, whether it is through us or through someone else.

The Holy Spirit is not rude. God does not draw attention to man, He is to be the focus of our attention. Romans 5:2 speaks of being fully glorified at the end of time in God's presence. Rev. 21:23 says the glory of God will be seen everywhere in heaven. Do you think we will be drawing attention to ourselves in heaven? I think not.

As His glory continues to fill the earth in a greater measure let's make sure that we truly seek Him and Him alone, not just the thrill and the emotional high of the manifestation of that glory. Manifestations of His glory will come as a result of our focusing on Him and who He is, not just on what we can feel.

The price He paid for us was far too great for us to now only seek representations of who He is. In the midst of the turbulent times we live in, we need to stand firm on who we are in Christ. We need to stand on the truth of His word. We can’t afford to settle for a form of glory, it will only lead us into spiritual decay. He is our glory. Step into a supernatural life in Him. Get used to His glory because eternity is filled with it. Don’t miss what He has for you today.

Have a great day.

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